Photos: Eight odd theme parks

  • Bon Bon Land - Denmark With rides like The Farting Dog and Skid Mark Roller-coaster, not to mention all the statues of animals answering nature's call, this Danish theme park is peculiar in its potty humour.
  • Creation Museum - Kentucky Seeing Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden might be exactly what your kids need during their next holiday.
  • Dickens World - Kent The Great Expectations Boat Ride or how about the Haunted House of 1859 complete with thrilling special effects or perhaps the Victorian Schoolroom with its robotic Dickens characters?
  • Diggerland - Who wouldn't want to spend the day being Bob the Builder for real - grab your hard hat and get ready to dig dirt with real full-sized construction machinery, race a Dumpster truck, or go for a spin on one of the construction-themed rides.
  • Holy Land Experience - Get ready for a 'moral roller-coaster ride' as you check out the Jesus Boat, the Whipping Post, and Smile of a Child Adventure.
  • Kingdom of the little people - A Chinese entrepreneur thought hiring more than 100 little people put on shows (like Swan Lake) was the ideal theme to make for a winning park. Right!?
  • Napoleonland - Expected to be completed by 2014 the unlikely amusement park will be built on the site of the brilliant but doomed French leader’s final victory against the Austrians in the Battle of Montereau in 1814 just south of Paris.
  • Zero Gravity Land>/b> - Home to a ride so terrifying scientist have reportedly used it to simulate a near-death experience. The Nothin' But Net lifts you up 16 stories and then lets you go for the 130-foot free fall. The only thing preventing you from going splat is a net. Nice!