kulula's Most South African Flight Ever

  • kulula prides itself on being the "Most South African Airways" and has proposed this rebranded livery
    for its new fleet.
  • Makarapas, Springbok jerseys, vuvuzelas and NikNaks. Biltong, Jack Parow, beaded headdresses and Impala Maize Meal. While there may be no such thing as a stereotypical South African, kulula managed to prove that we have more in common than we might think, as their Most South African Flight Ever took to Johannesburg's skies on Saturday 26 January. (News24 Travel)
  • The airline launched their search for the most South African locals out there via Facebook in November last year and received a whopping 5000 entries from all corners of the country. In the entry process, each person had to describe what kind of South African they are as well as what makes them unique. (News24 Travel)
  • After a rigorous selection process, the 189 unique South Africans were chosen, providing something of an entertaining cross section of our country. A lanky symphonic orchestra conductor waited patiently in line with a religious radio station DJ, while a one-legged beekeeper from Kimberley and a paleontologist who works in the Karoo got snapped by professional photographers. (News24 Travel)
  • The flight was kicked off with a performance by Afrikaans zef-rapper, Jack Parow, while Mitchells Plain "born-and-fled" comedian and in-flight MC, Kurt Schoonraad had everyone in stitches throughout the hour in the air. (News24 Travel)
  • Each passenger was presented with a delicious padkos package, including ‘boere sushi' (biltong), Mopani sour worms, koeksisters, as well as a good ol' cheese and tomato sarmie. As for the in-flight magazine? What else would we find in our seat pockets but a copy of Huis Genoot, You or Drum! (News24 Travel)
  • Hmm hmm! (News24 Travel)
  • The flight on board one of the brand new Boeing 737-800s took off from Lanseria International Airport and lasted for about an hour, giving us a bird's eye view of the Pilanesberg Nature Reserve, Hartebeespoort Dam, not to mention the largest man-made forest in the world, Joburg city itself. (News24 Travel)
  • While the event may have started off a bit awkwardly, with a bunch of complete strangers thrown together to mingle, fast friendships were quickly forged and lively chats ensued. (News24 Travel)
  • Passengers were told to dress according to their tribe, and while many seemed a little shy, some went all out. (kulula)
  • Flying enthusiast, Itai Etzman, won the prize for the best dressed passenger, as he sported a full pilot's outfit. His prize was a return ticket to-and-from anywhere. (kulula)
  • The pilots received a hearty applause for the smooth and steady take-off and landing, and received a constant stream of curious visitors throughout the flight. (kulula)
  • Upon disembarking, passengers were provided with a lime green kulula goodie bag containing a few of the most South African edibles out there. A great stock for the next end-of-the-month, don't you think? (News24 Travel)
  • Fans had the opportunity to get up close and personal with celebs like Jack Parow, Lonehill Estate and Generations' Sophie Ndaba during the flight. Here Cape Town blogger SlickTiger compares gym routines with Jack Parow. (Slick Tiger)
  • Strikers - the good kind - showing off their skills. (kulula)
  • And what would a true South African day be without the jig-inspiring rhythms of a gum boot dance? (kulula)
  • It's not only government officials who know how to pull strings. (kulula)