Hallstatt in China

  • Residents of the Austrian village of Hallstatt (pictured above) were both chuffed and disappointed to find out that a copy of their village had been built in China without their permission. Photo: citypictures.org
  • The Austrian town is a picturesque collection of Alpine architecture. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Photo: allnewworldbeauty2.blogspot.com
  • This is what the brand new Chinese doppelganger looks like. Photo: Spiegel.de
  • A worker sprays water on plants at a European-style house in Hallstatt See in China. Photo: ktar.com
  • The Chinese town's construction took about a year. Photo: kurier.at
  • Starting out of absolutely nothing. Photo: ooe.orf.at
  • The town was officially opened on June 2nd 2012. Photo: usatoday.com