Lions inspect bicycle

  • A security guard from Vuyani Safari Lodge in Mpumalanga recently experienced a roadblock of a different nature, when a curious pride of lions decided it was time to give his bicycle a close inspection. (Justine Ferreira, Vuyani Safari Lodge)
  • According to lodge manager, Justine Ferreira, Aggii was heading home on his bicycle after a night shift when he came across the inquisitive felines. (Justine Ferreira, Vuyani Safari Lodge)
  • Not knowing what else to do, Aggii scrambled into a tree and gave Ferreira a call to tell her about his predicament. (Justine Ferreira, Vuyani Safari Lodge)
  • She immediately headed out to assist Aggii and he managed to get safely from the tree into the vehicle. (Justine Ferreira, Vuyani Safari Lodge)
  • Once he was safely inside, they whipped out the camera to capture this once in a lifetime encounter. (Justine Ferreira, Vuyani Safari Lodge)
  • On a recent post on their Facebook page, Ferreira introduced Aggii - the man behind the bicycle - saying: "He is part of the Moditlo Reserve Anti - Poaching team and spends most of his days out in the bush. Aggie is also one of the brave souls who are risking their lives daily to protect our country's beautiful Rhino." (Justine Ferreira)