Ramphele starts political platform

  • Mamphela Ramphela announced the formation of a "political party platform". The name of this platform is "Agang" which is a Sotho word meaning "Build". (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
  • "We launch this initiative under the name Agang, or in the Nguni languages of our country, Akhani, which can be interpreted in English as 'Build South Africa'," she said in a speech. (Wener Beukes, Sapa)
  • The Limpopo-born Ramphele, who began her career as a qualified doctor and whose academic career has focused on studies of social conditions, said: "The country of our dreams has unfortunately faded for many of my fellow South Africans". (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
  • (Werner Beukes, Sapa)
  • (Alex Eliseev, via Twitter)
  • (Karin Labuschagne, via Twitter)
  • The platform's website, Agang, has been set up and sports a "bio" and "contact" section. The speech was loaded up 4 days before Ramphela's announcement.
  • A word cloud shows the prominence and frequency of words used in Ramphele's speech. (Wordle)
  • (MG_reporter, via Twitter)