Places to visit if they existed

  • Arthur's Avalon

    The fairy isle, where legend has it, King Arthur's sword was forged. Photo:
  • Camelot castle

    And seeing we're on the Arthurian topic... wouldn't a visit to Camelot castle just be great? Photo: The Jetpacker
  • The Elysian Fields

    According to Homer the Elysian Fields were located on the Western end of the Earth. Photo:
  • Mount Olympus

    The tallest mountain in Greece, and also believed to have been the mythical abode of the Twelve Olympian Gods. Photo:
  • Hogwarts and the world of magic

    Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not, getting to experience this topsy turvy world would be incredible! Photo
  • Fountain of youth

    A legendary spring that was believed to restore youth with only one sip - why wouldn't you want to go? One explorer believed it to be in the vicinity of what is now Florida in the 1500s. Photo:
  • El Dorado

    The city of gold aka El Dorado, supposedly located somewhere in the heart of the Amazon. Who knows, maybe we're still going to find it! Photo
  • Atlantis

    Sunk way beneath the waves, the lost city of Atlantis may still one day make its appearance. Till then, its legend will always feed the imaginations of the flighty and adventurous. Photo:
  • Valhalla

    Similar to Mount Olympus, Valhalla is the majestic hall where the Norse gods bide their time. It is connected to the world of men with a rainbow. Photo:
  • Rivendell

    The place of waterfalls, trees, starlight and singing elves in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. What better place to recover after a grueling journey? Photo: