Photos: Whale Watching

  • Southern Right mammals visit the Western Cape Coast during June to November for breeding. The length of pregnancy is just over a year, while the length of nursing is six months to a year.
  • Hermanus is a popular destination for those who want to spot these amazing animals. Photo: African Wings.
  • Cape Nature Reserves also provide some amazing overnight hikes for those wanting to make it an extended sight-seeing adventure. Photo: African Wings.
  • When a Southern Right whale lifts its tail for an extended time it is believed to be using the wind on the surface area of the tail to push its body through the water - also referred to as sailing.
  • When the tail is lifted clear of the water and brought down sharply on the surface with a loud slap, it's known as lobtailing. Photo: African Wings
  • Small pieces of skin have been found floating after a breach, causing the speculation that it could be used to aid the moulting process or to rid the animal of whale lice, whatever the reason it is one of the most anticipated whale-watching activities. Photo: African Wings
  • Breaching serves as a communication function, or as a form of display to other individuals.
  • When in coastal waters they produce a variety of low frequency moans, growls, pulses and belch-like noises to communicate with each other.
  • These soulful creatures have an average life expectancy of about 50 years.