Google Glass invasion alert

  • Google Glass still has to catch on in a number of countries but those who have used it say it is like adding another shade of colour to life - and it's perfect for when you're travelling. But it also can be pretty invasive which is why these place would be off limits. arch02
  • Banks: This new technology has sparked greater identity theft concerns and the risk it poses to a person using an ATM is obvious - making it easy to snap your PIN code or debit card information. Shutterstock
  • Cars: As if driving and texting isn't dangerous enough. Measures have already been taken to ban Google Glass while driving in the UK. Shutterstock
  • Casinos: Google Glass could make beating the odds easier which is why several casinos in Las Vegas have banned it. Shutterstock
  • The Class Room: This is a controversial one since Google Glass could help University students learn more by allowing them to record the lectures and take better notes. Shutterstock
  • Cinema: Many people prefer to watch movies on demand these days and the obvious risk of piracy makes Google Glass a no-go in the cinema.
  • Concert Arenas: This one presents another piracy issue.
  • Strip clubs: The Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas says it is already a no go and we're sure others will follow. Shutterstock