1 000s say 'no' to Street View

2010-10-21 12:16

Berlin - Internet giant Google says more than 244 000 Germans have asked that their homes be made unrecognisable in its Street View program, scheduled to launch in Germany next month.

Google estimates the requests amount to about 3% of the population of Germany's 20 largest cities, images of which are to go online as part of the company's mapping program.

German authorities demanded that Google allow citizens to request the homes not be pictured in Street View, insisting that posting images of private residences on the internet violated individual privacy.

Street View is currently available in 23 countries. Germany is the only one where citizens could request their homes be removed before the program went online.

  • GBES - 2010-10-21 12:31

    What does these guys have to hide ? Underground bunkers in the backyard? So if I take a panoramic photo of the street,publish it in the local newspaper,will they sue me ? Crazy man, absolutely weird.

  • Michael - 2010-10-21 12:35

    I think ze germans should just take a chill pill. I mean really.... No don't post a photo of my house!!! Bunch of nanny-state pansies.

  • Paul - 2010-10-21 12:39

    Dont recall that we had that option here in SA????? Why not??

  • James - 2010-10-21 13:01

    Go live in a security estate, they can`t get to your house then.

  • Michael - 2010-10-21 15:05

    Paul - you'd be perfect in Europe. Go live there, where everything's PC, and nothing ever happens. How will you ever survive with a picture of your house in the interwebz? It's not like they post your name next to it, now is it? "Living in this house is : Paul Whineyface"

  • Pieter - 2010-10-21 16:57

    If I see your house on my pc, or if I drive past it, whats the divs. Typical of the Germans.

  • Carl Muller - 2010-10-24 18:41

    Check this street view. My house looks beautiful...

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