ANCYL website hacked

2011-03-30 15:40

Cape Town - The ANC Youth League's website has apparently been hacked but is currently back online.

A message on the ANCYL's website reads that its president Julius Malema had resigned for various reasons. After being unavailable for a short period, the site was back online with the hack apparently repaired.

"I have brought my party the ANC into disrepute. I have disrespected my elders and made a fool of myself," some of the messages said on the website before it went offline.

The hackers who posted the message call themselves the {Blah Blah} Protest group, but it is unclear what exactly their protest is and the reason for the attack.

The ANCYL has said that that it doesn't take the internet seriously, and dismissed fake Twitter and Facebook accounts in the name of Malema.

"People engage with us every day and we're there to engage. We don't have time for people who don't want to engage with us openly. They will never make a difference in the country," spokesperson Floyd Shivambu told News24 when he dismissed a blog established by Sipho Hlongwane on media freedom in 2010.

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  • SH4Ne - 2011-03-30 15:54

    Wahahahaha! Classic! I wanna join the {Blah Blah} Protest Group! Where can I sign up?

      Steve Wonderboy - 2011-03-30 17:47

      @TshepoTheGenerallyAnnoyingPOS, let him run for presidency. He can try his shit. The people will only be pushed so far.

      Realist - 2011-03-30 18:01

      @TshepoTheGeneral. You have my deepest sympathy. Sorry you were last in the queue when brains were dished out. Must be terrible to go through life not being able to think for oneself, just following the sheep (not even being able to lead them). Commiserations once again

      edward.abrahams - 2011-03-30 18:36

      Tshepo - One thing u arrogant dictators fail 2 realise is that South Africans, will NEVER allow 2 happen here what happened in Zim! Push your dictator 'leader', Malema, 2 the presidency, let him try his Mogabe & Gaddafi, nonsense here THEN you'l see what i mean!

      Shadoz - 2011-03-30 20:29

      Tshepo you do realize you are currently using the internet or do you think it is magic on screen? If the ANCYL don't realize how much the internet influences the world they truly are ignorant.

  • Psychotron - 2011-03-30 15:56

    Pity the resignation is not true. But that is brilliant.

  • Jack - 2011-03-30 16:02

    Hau! This computa, she tells lies...bloody agent! ancyl going to shut it down...oops, website offline!

      Jan - 2011-03-30 16:36

      "Hau! look we shut it down!!! this one HE is not like di tweeta!"

  • Martin du Plessis - 2011-03-30 16:11

    Haven't heard any more details about the ANCYLs progress in shutting down twitter.

      Krono9 - 2011-03-30 16:20

      because they haven't managed to figure out exactly what twitter is yet...

      Brad gaertz - 2011-03-30 17:14

      thats because they are the TWITS!

  • Ccsignor - 2011-03-30 16:23


  • HowardX - 2011-03-30 16:24

    Did the author of this article really write "it is unclear what their protest is and the reason for their attack"? If you can't figure it out you must be more than a little thick?

  • PinkSparkle - 2011-03-30 16:29

    Hau, give that hacker a bells!!!!!

      Jasber - 2011-03-30 17:09

      Well said

  • Green Oaks - 2011-03-30 16:40

    Bunch of Bafoons

  • Chris - 2011-03-30 16:49

    Ha Ha! Nice! Very funny - me like!

  • OB1 - 2011-03-30 16:55

    "The ANCYL has said that that it doesn't take the internet seriously" - LOL...only the most powerful invention of all time

  • . - 2011-03-30 16:55

    He told me personally that he is stepping down. This is not news the ANCYL is now spin doctoring the truth again.

  • Immaculate - 2011-03-30 16:57

    Whats is the gain? hacked for what good or bad reason? am i missing something?

      OB1 - 2011-03-30 17:03

      you're missing something

  • - 2011-03-30 16:58

    If they don't take the internet seriously, why bother with a website?

      Christo - 2011-03-30 17:16

      Exactly! The rest of the world takes the internet seriously, so they are well behind (no that, that needs mentioning).

  • gizzy - 2011-03-30 16:58

    Whaaaaaaaa! Malema and Zuma are in the US. They meet up with Putin and Obama. Putin says, "we were the first in space", Obama says "we were first on the moon". Zuma says, "we will be the first on the sun". Obama says "the sun would be too hot to reach". With that Malema says, "we are not that stoooopid, we will go there at night." LOL

      PilgrimX - 2011-03-30 17:20

      No, no gizzy. These type of jokes belong to our blonds. Don't credit these dudes with such humorous honour.

  • skulldude70 - 2011-03-30 17:16

    Careful now. Juli-ass will close down the internet because of this.

  • Stu Legacy - 2011-03-30 17:17

    I must say, what the {Blah Blah} protest group wrote about Julius is actually true. I wonder if the members of ANCYL actually read what was written about JuJu's actions, and took notice. "They will never make a difference in the country." That's a very dangerous statement to make, hacker protest groups have the ability to change the viewpoint of the public (Social Engineering), by haxing into sites and revealing information that the government does not want the public to see.

  • Jarrid - 2011-03-30 17:20

    If only he was stepping down, still the biggest tonsil in this country!

  • Neil Oosterlaak - 2011-03-30 17:22

    "the ANCLY dont take the internet seriously" really? then why did they promise to close Twitter down after the whole country laughed at them. When they could not they decided it is not important and one day when all infrastructure has fallen apart and the internet no longer exists becuase there is no power to drive it they will shout triumphantly from the roof tops that they closed down the internet. Children they are. The truth is that the truth resides in open forums and the internet nowadays where like minded people will eventually rally (hopefully shortly) to either vore these people out of power or remove them from power. The internet will still close you down Shivambu, so look away the train is coming.

  • Mike Webber - 2011-03-30 17:29

    HAHAHA, I love this story. It's even better that the ANCYL don't recognise the power of the Internet and social media. I must say, it's one of the ugliest websites I've ever seen, with FatFace WobbleGuts Malema pasted all over it. Eeeewwww! Disgusting!

  • Gorilla - 2011-03-30 17:34

    hahahahahaha. Brilliant. Juliaas he will shut down the intanet.

  • SnottyZotty - 2011-03-30 17:42

    Us Blacks do not know enternet, we don';t car enternet. we revulotionize the ground. We are black and proud. amandal !!!

  • Proffie - 2011-03-30 20:58

    April fool's joke, albeit a day too early?

  • Enough! - 2011-03-30 22:49

    have more babies because its part of the revolution! no worry about aids or the social problems coming with it! clever man this. so much potential but he so blinded by his own hatred and greed!!!!! he already filling his coffers with money belonging to all of us south africans! driven by greed and hate will not liberate but only lead to another disaster and more suffering for all especially the poor! viva DA all the way this year for the very first time! can't wait for 18 may! DA alive with possibility! MY DA, MY FUTURE!!!!!!

  • Biltong Boer - 2011-03-31 07:27

    " is unclear what exactly their protest is ..." are you kidding me?

  • ShRoOm PoPsiCLe - 2011-03-31 07:33

    "Haibo! I press dee button, and it telling me Julius gone. I press dee other button and he back. Dee compuper is lying to me."

  • ShRoOm PoPsiCLe - 2011-03-31 07:36

    I don't think the site was hacked at all. Everything he said there is true! He just changed his mind about resigning is all. If he were slightly more intelligent perhaps we would have thought this to be propaganda and intentionally done to try and get people to visit the website.

  • Jaco Smit - 2011-03-31 11:20

    what is this twitter tendency! i will nationalize the internet and take it away, this white internet tenancy is not important we must away it, it not benefit our corrupt government i away it, pap and corruption is important

  • David - 2011-04-01 11:16

    {Bla Bla} are a rasist white PIG!!! VIVA ju-ju VIVA!!!!!

      davidsayers59 - 2011-05-10 15:09

      You racist black pig!, learn how to spell

  • francoiswa - 2011-04-07 17:30

    let's ask the group ANONYMOUS to permanently destroy that web site, seeing that they do not take the internet seriously...... they probably play computa games all day long or surf porn........... ROFL

  • Smiley - 2011-04-07 23:57

    the (blah blah) protest group should start their own political party,Viva (BB)PG! Viva Baffles me how the ancyl do not believe in the internet?Im not even sure thats possible.

  • Malcolm - 2011-05-10 15:45

    SPAM on an ANCYL site would most likely make more sense, and be more useful than anything the ANCYL could come up with themselves.

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