Alarm over fish in Lake Malawi

2010-05-28 12:31

Blantyre - The supply of fish in the world's eighth-largest lake has plunged by more than 90% over two decades, according to researchers who say more fish farms must be built to reduce fishing pressure on Lake Malawi.

Dr Daniel Jamu, a senior scientist at the World Fish Centre in Malawi, said the nation needs to find alternatives for the falling stocks of fish.

The amount of fish from Lake Malawi has declined from about 30 000 metric tons a year 15 to 20 years ago to currently 2 000 metric tons per year, according to Raphael Mwenenguwe of the Research Into Use office.

A drop in the lake's water levels in recent years caused the decline, Mwenenguwe said, along with population growth and overfishing.

  • Hennie - 2010-05-28 13:02

    Just get the order of things right please: Population growth, overfishing and then only drop in water levels!

  • Lou - 2010-05-28 13:18

    A predominantly Catholic country with zero family planning taking place. It is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa. Ironically there is a tropical fish for fish tanks business where they've been breeding fish for three decades but the government can't, or won't, just go there to learn everything they need to know about running a breeding programme. Instead you find these pathetic mud pool attempts all around the lake where the only thing left of the project is basically the mud pool. Another country that will fall apart if foreign aid is stopped.

  • lsu - 2010-05-29 03:30

    It is really a tragedy that the cichlids have to suffer because of these people.

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