Animated Lonmin video hits YouTube

2012-09-04 22:13

Johannesburg - Taiwanese animators have pounced on the recent shooting at the Lonmin platinum mine in Marikana, posting the video on YouTube.

The video, titled Blood Platinum: South Africa's miners strike, takes a dig at the African National Congress and mine bosses.

Narrated in Taiwanese with English subtitles, it shows characters representing workers protesting with placards reading "raise" and "more rand".

A confrontation breaks out between the mineworkers and white policemen with the ANC flag on the front of their uniforms.

Some miners are shot, while others are arrested. The video shows their appearance in court.

The subtitle reads: "Under 'common purpose' doctrine miners can be charged because they confronted the police, which in turn caused a violent response."

"Woah... wait a minute 'common purpose' doctrine? Isn't that from the apartheid era, when the white government used 'common purpose' to suppress black democracy protesters?" it asks.

The video then shows an animated depiction of former president Nelson Mandela being freed from prison by activists, who break down the prison wall.

He is then seen standing on a podium flanked by the South African and ANC flags with the subtitle: "ANC, you've got to be kidding me".

As the animated miners work underground, the video subtitles read: "There is no doubt the SA government wants this to end ASAP [as soon as possible].

"But isn't it possible to offer miners decent life while making a profit at the same time?"

A black mine boss is shown sitting on a throne, on top of the mineral being mined.

"Are the government and big mineral producers in South Africa trying to have their cake and eat it too?" reads another subtitle.

  • carl.lutzer.3 - 2012-09-04 22:50

    Good, now SA has gone from a respected country to a joke, thx anc.....

      lacrimosewolf - 2012-09-04 23:28

      Our Constitution and Polices are respected all over the world. That is what GovZA sells. It's taken this long and this extreme for the world and our own govt to understand that not all the words and/laws in the world translate into reality just because they exist.

      vivian.harris.73 - 2012-09-05 07:02

      Lmao.....we've been a joke long time ago...Its just showing us now.

      rudie.vanpletzen - 2012-09-05 12:13

      Another "Made in Taiwan" Fake

  • - 2012-09-04 23:35

    Is Taiwan a village in Limpopo? Sounds like a JM underground project.

      rudie.vanpletzen - 2012-09-05 12:14

      No thats Ratang from next door

  • tobydt - 2012-09-04 23:50

    Urg, so many inaccuracies.

  • mario.dippenaar - 2012-09-05 00:25

    The animation is so trippy. Kinda makes me wish there was an expansion pack for Sims that gives you guns.

      francois.v.eeden.3 - 2012-09-05 10:54


  • juannepierre - 2012-09-05 04:22

    At least it's taking a dig at the ANC, inaccurate in execution but the politics behind this incident is what drives it and what fueled it. Finally, the world is laughing at the African National Congress, the wealthiest freedom movement ever.

  • mzuvukile.maswana - 2012-09-05 05:50

    Pity the video doesn't mention the 2 security guards, 2 SAPS officers and 6 fellow miners who hacked to death by the miners. Heck everyone seem to have forgotten abt then and concentrated on the 34.

      arno.botha.71 - 2012-09-05 08:43

      i couldn't agree with you more, just goes to show where the media's priorities lie.

      Havokreeka - 2012-09-05 10:12

      Exactly, the country is outraged because 34 thugs got shot. Every one forgets they hacked 10 people to death.

      francois.v.eeden.3 - 2012-09-05 10:55

      a very ill informed video, info like that makes things even worse.

  • gvangreunen - 2012-09-05 07:25

    Proudly South African ... ja right!

  • J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-09-05 07:40

    It seems we are already forgetting what this strike means; we just want to go trundling along.

      mulzar - 2012-09-05 08:48

      @JSW: Is this Kathy or Stephen commenting? Does not mattar - for a (ex?) Brit you really have a lot to say...

  • mulzar - 2012-09-05 07:43

    WTF!? White police, white judge, pre apartheid protesters with the post apartheid flag... At least they got the mine boss correct. Fracking buffoons! PS: How much do rock drillers at Lonmin really earn?

      dnxumalo2 - 2012-09-05 09:19

      Yeah but I think that R12 000 does not apply to everyone.

  • arno.botha.71 - 2012-09-05 08:41

    this video is a mockery of the events that took place at lonmin and it's implication that it was somehow racially motivated is absolutely retarded! the protesters in that group that escalated this to a violent level by killing something like 14 people before the police intervened and then charging at the police with pangas and clubs, should have known they were tempting fate by taking a knife to a gunfight. the depiction of white police oppressing black workers is yet another apartheid relic and it has no place in today's South Africa.

  • dnxumalo2 - 2012-09-05 09:05

    Hehehehehe ok, its sad but funny.At least the police have been drawn wearing helmets and carrying shields.But I think it reflects the way things are in reality.common purpose doctrine.

  • francois.v.eeden.3 - 2012-09-05 10:52

    shockingly bad video, VERY ill informed

  • francois.v.eeden.3 - 2012-09-05 10:55

    did yoo see the Indian Lonmin workers?

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