Another hack at Sony

2011-06-04 22:10

London - A hacker claims to have stolen names and passwords belonging to 120 users of Sony Europe's website and published them to the internet.

It's the latest in a series of attacks which have hammered the electronics multinational.

Security researchers have counted about a dozen breaches since the beginning of this year, including two particularly serious ones which exposed 100 millions users' personal details.

The latest attack was claimed by "Idahc", who self-identifies as a Lebanese hacker. The Associated Press has been able to verify several of the exposed names.

A US-based spokesperson for Sony Corp has not returned an e-mail seeking comment.

The website allegedly hacked into was down for "scheduled maintenance" on Saturday.

  • Zadoc - 2011-06-05 03:22

    LOL... I just have one question, and it is this: Poll: How many times will Sony be hacked? Link: I've got $20 that says they get hacked during E3! :D

  • JJ - 2011-06-05 08:21

    I'm sure this will all cease if Sony allows people to install Linux on their consoles again. Why control your users?

  • Rod Van Deventer - 2011-06-05 12:07

    Serves sony right. Thring to contro our consols

  • Psyrkus - 2011-06-06 11:57

    Sony been hacked X amount of times... So what LOL As long as my console is still operational and I can still knife N00bz in Black Ops, all is good!

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