App for would-be Irish priests

2011-10-17 18:40

Dublin - The Catholic Church in Ireland launched a new app on Monday for young men who are thinking of joining the priesthood, taking a technological leap to reverse four decades of declining vocations.

The free "Vocations" app is designed to help users reflect on whether the clerical life is for them, including rating themselves how much they think about others, and questions about celibacy and relationships.

Launching the app, Bishop Donal McKeown admitted some people may regard it as a "churchy gimmick that will try to give the impression of modernity to something that is passe".

"I know that, for very many young people in modern Ireland, the word 'vocation' is not a meaningful term and they have little idea what clergy do, other than for an hour or two on Sundays," he said.

"But the social media is where young people are."

The number of new priests in Ireland has been declining for 40 years, not helped in recent decades by clerical sex scandals that have shocked the mainly Catholic country as well as Catholic communities across the world.

The new app offers not just questions about vocational potential, but also information about life as a priest and contact details for dioceses.

McKeown, the auxiliary bishop of Down and Connor and chair of the bishop's Vocations Commission, admitted that he felt "a little out of his depth" being asked to launch an app.

"I may be on Facebook, but I'm a BlackBerry man myself and yesterday I had to ask a nephew - who's a quarter of my age - what an App is," he said.

"But I suppose it is a bit like baptising a child - you can do something for it even if you haven't been part of its creation!"

The app was designed by Father Paddy Rushe, who has been national co-ordinator for diocesan vocations, and developed by Dublin's Magic Time Apps.

  • zaatheist - 2011-10-17 18:52

    It is just too easy to guess what sort of images are used to attract men with the right interests.

  • Robert - 2011-10-17 18:56

    What a joke. Aren't they the devil in itself. Please spend the Vatican money collected of peoples sympathy and enrich the poor. I was in the Vatican and it made me sick. The opulence, arrogance, richness and overall smell of corruption. Not mentioning the atrocities raping and sexually molesting young boys. Celibacy, What? Homosexual which I don't have a problem with must be legalised by them. Its rive in their mitts. The selection of a pope and its execution makes a mockery out of true Christians. The Roman Catholic church is a capitalistic foundation - It was and will always be. Arthur Luther King statements still stands true today (72 statements of this pathetic institution). They need more young boys for what and using technology. This realy makes me sick. Its like hearding cattle to a slauther.

      milanrenaud - 2011-10-17 21:50

      Heard of spell check? Try it!

      Robert - 2011-10-17 22:28

      do it free hand ass hole.

      Robert - 2011-10-17 22:32

      milanrenaud is ths all you have to say isnt the message clear. Where you ever there????

      Robert - 2011-10-17 23:08

      What are you trying to say. Do you really know them and your own church and bible - Who chose that for you, who are you. Who chose the books your church is asking money for, why cant we practise it with no money. You give to the church right? How much are they making you believe without paying your dues - How much support - This is only punted to the Vatican stealing hypocrites. There are true churches and intent.

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