Apps 'define' smartphones

2011-08-29 10:16

Cape Town - Apps or software applications for smartphones have become a key differentiator for users.

Manufactures have designed a range of online providers to deliver a wide assortment of paid and free apps for their devices.

The international leader in this field is undoubtedly Apple with iTunes, but the Google Android App Store is catching up fast as several manufacturers adopt the platform.

In SA particularly, Research In Motion's (RIM) App World serves to tap the dominance of BlackBerry smartphones in this market.

Though industry analysts are writing it off, Nokia is a dominant cellphone supplier and its Ovi Store distributes apps throughout Africa - a fast-growing developing market.

"Why do people buy phones? People buy phones because it's a lifestyle. So you have to create the applications to make your phone useable," Google SA head of mobile Brett St Clair told News24.

In terms of paying for apps, companies like Apple rely heavily on credit card payment systems that may be a limiting factor in developing markets where credit card penetration is low.

However, it may be argued that generally those who can afford an iPhone would have access to credit cards, given the cost of these devices.

RIM and Nokia, though, link payment systems to integration with the mobile operators.

"If we look at App World, or apps purchasing, we fundamentally believe that carrier billing integration is the way to go," said Rui Brites team leader for Product Management in Africa for RIM.

Games and social networking tools are the more popular downloads across all platforms.

Here are the top free Android apps:

1. Facebook for Android
2. Google Maps
3. WhatsApp Messenger
4. YouTube
5. MXit
6. SpeechSynthesis Data Installer
7. Dragon, Fly!
8. Skype
9. Opera Mini web browser
10. Angry Birds

Top paid Android apps:

1. Cut the Rope
2. Beautiful Widgets
3. Titanium Backup PRO Key
4. PowerAMP Full Version
5. Death Worm
6. Fruit Ninja
7. WeatherBug Elite
8. Doodle Jump
9. DocumentsToGo Full Version
10. UNO

Top free BlackBerry apps:

1. BlackBerry Messenger
2. WhatsApp Messenger
3. Twitter
4. Facebook
5. Easy Smiley Pack for BlackBerry Messenger
6. Bible
7. Awesome - Bubble Breaker
8. Photo Editor Ultimate FREE
9. Hangman
10. BlackBerry Protect

Top paid BlacKBerry apps:

1. One Touch Flashlight
2. BeBuzz - LED Light Colors
3. Radio for BlackBerry
4. Smiley Pack
5. Fancy Characters
6. Photo Editor Ultimate
7. Shazam Encore
8. MP3 Ringtone Creator
9. Ultimate Cricket '2011: World Cup Edition
10. Contacts Cleaner

Here are the top free apps for iTunes:

1. Rail Maze
2. The Moron Test: Section 2
3. Doodle Jump
4. Toca Hair Salon
5. Hit the Apple!
6. Six Towers
7. Siege Hero
8. Extreme Road Trip
9. Crack Your Screen Simulator
10. Flugtap Pro Lite

Top paid apps:

1. Spy Mouse
2. Angry Birds
3. Fruit Ninja
4. Lockify
5. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus
6. Angry Birds Rio
7. The Sims 3
8. Camera+
9. Contre Jour
10. Tiny Wings

Here is the top free content in Ovi Store for the Middle East and Africa region:
1. Facebook Chat
2. Nimbuzz
3. WhatsApp
4. Skype
5. eBuddy
6. Flare
7. Opera Mini 6
8. Snaptu
9. uQuran

Top paid apps:

1. Angry Birds Rio
2. Farm Frenzy
3. FingerPrint
4. Angry Birds
5. Fruit Ninja
6. Angry Birds Seasons
7. Bubble Popper
8. Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom
9. Nimbuzz ad free

  • Lim The Black - 2011-08-29 11:25

    Shouldn't Nokia be basished to the same place where type-writers exist?

      Big Al - 2011-08-29 12:20

      Nokia probably doesn't know what basished means.

      Viparo - 2011-08-29 12:21

      Yip, same place as VHS

      phoff77 - 2011-09-20 17:25

      Let me guess, you have an iphone ? clealy you need to update your knowledge of usefull cellphones vs fashion statements.

  • PHZR - 2011-08-29 12:28

    Top free BlackBerry apps: 6. Bible they're all praying to get an iPhone ha ha

      Met - 2011-08-29 14:16

      And the ones with an iPhone, are prayng for an HTC

  • x - 2011-08-29 13:21

    Oh dear Blackberry no 6 = Bible. Now I understand why this company is going under. It's the users :(

      Met - 2011-08-29 14:15

      Very appropriate- a square blank dark nothing!

  • Mpho R - 2011-08-29 13:45

    I cannot find any of the listed itunes apps

      Met - 2011-08-29 14:17

      You cant with a Nokia 3210

      Mpho R - 2011-08-29 16:09

      I have an ipad

      Met - 2011-08-29 16:54

      Do you REALLY think I was serious?

      kidblack - 2011-08-30 23:03

      those are US apps. get a US appstore account and use vouchers to load credit.

  • Jan - 2011-08-29 13:53

    Apps are for people who do not get a lot of calls or messages. If you only buy a phone based on the number of apps it provides, you need to start thinking about geting a life

      Evert - 2011-08-29 14:52

      Don't be jealous because you 2110 can't load apps!

      Denise - 2011-09-03 19:46

      Don't you have any free time? What do you do on a long train/bus ride, stare out the window? I prefer to read a good book - on my smartphone.

  • Nashe - 2011-08-29 14:49

    Don't forget about Windows phone 7. Nokia are abandoning their Symbian OS and are rolling out windows on all their smartphones in December. They are also busy converting all their Ovi store apps to windows market place, there will soon be a new horse in the race.

      Viparo - 2011-08-29 16:48

      I dunno man. Nokia became complacent and were very quickly overtaken. I don't believe they can win any market share back.

      phoff77 - 2011-09-20 17:37

      @Viparo....have you heard of Google ? you should give it a try sometime....Nokia are still one of the top selling brands worldwide !

  • Sandy - 2011-08-29 17:02

    I think apps can really market smartphones a bit better. Just look at how Android has come leaps and bounds. Wish their market place had apps as good as the iStore though !

  • Peter - 2011-08-29 21:33

    Get a life everyone! Who cares about all of this stuff?? I have a Nokia E75 and I can send sms's and get E-mails cos its got a keyboard. I can do internet banking and, yes, it also makes phone calls and, when I'm done, I can slip it into my pocket. I love to read my Bible, but not on a tiny cell phone screen. I would be cross-eyed and have a headache in no time.

      kidblack - 2011-08-30 23:05

      a clearly havent used an HTC Desire HD or iPhone 4 yet.

      Denise - 2011-09-03 19:43

      Yep, it's a hell of a lot easier to read things (and do banking) on the large screen the HTC Desire has. :)

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