'Aww' moment as baby elephant rescued

2012-10-18 22:47

Nairobi - How do you pull a baby elephant out of a deep hole? A rope and a Land Rover. Then the payoff: A frantic baby elephant sprints to mom.

A heart-warming video of the rescue in Kenya gained masses of viewers on Thursday.

It shows a potentially dangerous face-off with the mother elephant and the struggle to get her 8-month calf out of a 1.5m hole.

Vicki Fishlock of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants faced down the mother with her Land Rover.

After 30 minutes, her team pulled the baby out, and it then ran toward its mother.

Elephants across Africa are fighting for survival. Expanding human settlements is increasing the human-animal conflicts.

Worse, elephants are being slaughtered by the thousands for their ivory tusks.

  • Dino - 2012-10-18 22:58

    Wonderful! Never seen a baby elephant run so fast, it actually brought a tear to my eye and a big smile on my face :)

      childrens.rights.7 - 2012-10-19 06:10


  • RiaanGrobler1 - 2012-10-19 07:15

    "Expanding human settlements is (sic) increasing the human-animal conflicts." I are wearing a jean pant on today.

  • Jordi - 2012-10-19 07:52

    I want one too cute !!!!

  • kritzinger - 2012-10-19 07:57

    Very cool. Not sure why it's in SciTech though.

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