Bacteria spreading in warming oceans

2011-09-13 21:17

Brussels - Scientists say the warming of the world's oceans could harm human health and cost millions.

A paper to be released in Brussels this week says warmer seawater is fostering the proliferation of Vibrios bacteria, which cause food poisoning, gastroenteritis, septicemia and cholera.

The paper, a synthesis of more than 100 projects funding by the European Union since 1998, says "millions of euros in health costs may result from human consumption of contaminated seafood, ingestion of water borne pathogens, and, to a lesser degree, though direct occupational or recreational exposure to marine diseases."

The paper was produced by Project CLAMER, a collaboration of 17 European marine institutes, which is holding a conference in Brussels on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Badballie - 2011-09-14 10:47

    amazing, even if the man on the street is acutely aware that there has in fact been very little increase in the temperature of sea water recorded differences being in reality less than a degree. This in effect would mean that every summer that was slightly hotter than normal would have had the same effect something that has never in the history of human civilization been reported of noted. Hidden agenda's and elitist disinformation as usual, trying to hide the truth behind elaborate lies as usual

  • Douglas - 2011-09-19 00:39

    Hidden agendas? Elitist disinformation? I wonder what you've been smoking. The only agenda is to keep the 'business as usual' approach going strong. But hey...97% of the world's climatologists must simply have colluded and conspired to sell this epic lie to further their research grants...right? LOL.

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