Birds' heads torn off in Australian zoo

2012-08-04 08:13

Sydney - Nine birds, including an endangered swift parrot, had their heads smashed in or ripped off and more than 60 animals were missing Saturday after vandals went on the rampage at an Australian zoo.

Tasmania Zoo owner Dick Warren said he found the mutilated animals when he opened up on Friday morning, finding "door, after door, after door open and all the locks had been cut, with birds missing and birds dead".

"Either they have just caught them and banged their heads or pulled their heads off, it's a pretty sick thing to see," Warren told ABC Television.

"It's heartbreaking to see them. How could people do this sort of thing? It hits you so hard."

Police said "a number of animals escaped their enclosures, with most being recaptured", adding that two chainsaws were also stolen from the zoo complex.

Two rare swift parrots, a yellow-tailed black cockatoo and five quolls - a carnivorous native cat - were among the animals still on the loose in what was described as a devastating blow for the zoo's breeding programme.

"We're trying to increase numbers of threatened species and we've lost a good part of that programme," said keeper Courtney McMahon.

The zoo is also part of a national breeding programme for the endangered Tasmanian devil, which is almost extinct in the wild due to a contagious facial tumour, and McMahon said it was a huge relief no devils had been freed.

"The way that the birds were released, if these devils were released like that it would be a death sentence to them," she said.

"There's a good chance that they would, in the wild, contract the facial tumour disease."

  • kim.buren - 2012-08-04 08:25

    First world boredom

      Squeegee - 2012-08-04 09:03

      Stupidity does not recognize borders.

      Jason Pearce - 2012-08-04 09:18

      Agreed. I lived in Oz for a while and the youth are exceptionally demotivated and bored.

      louis.langenhoven - 2012-08-04 10:39

      to call it boredom is in itself a sin- this is a depravity that borders on the criminally insane. There are too many rats in the cage and the madness is getting worse day by day

  • jcoetzee1975 - 2012-08-04 08:32

    As much as I cry for those animals and get sick about vandalism of that extent, at least their farmers don't die by the hundreds.

      julie.vanniekerk.3 - 2012-08-04 09:44

      Not only farmers; anyone with a white skin!

  • Blackpoison - 2012-08-04 08:44

    Wow....and I thought Aus is the model country to live in!

      eric.shinn.90 - 2012-08-04 09:29

      Here, murder and get away. There, kill a bird, get caught! Get it? Got it? GOOD!!

  • don.quioxte.3 - 2012-08-04 08:55

    WTF kind of people do that??

      ingi.raikes - 2012-08-04 17:40

      ........horrible people! Sick, half-witted, bored humans which should have been dropped on their heads at birth!

  • robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-08-04 08:59

    This sort of behaviour is unforgivable. Fortunately their 'first world' police are efficient so WHEN these bast***s are caught I hope they receive the full might of the law and suffer as much as their helpless victims did. And 'Blackpoison' this is no refection on Australia - one finds one-cell-brain-idiots in every country (some more than others of course!).

  • Chantelle Melissa Stimie - 2012-08-04 09:29

    These people are so sick! What did the poor animals do to them? First signs of serial killers!

      stephanie.sutherland41 - 2012-08-04 09:45

      Thats what happens when kids play these violent games and decide to try it out in real life. They will be caught and they will be charged and prosocuted swiftly. No get out of goal free cards in Tasmania or Oz. Be sure of one thing, they will face the consequences of their actions.

  • watsongeorgejan - 2012-08-04 09:38


      Cavefacio - 2012-08-04 10:11

      Erm... That's exactly the problem in OZ. It is usually so safe one does not need security, so when something like this happens, it is pretty devastating. Both the act and the effect on people. Fact of the matter is that they need not have a security force larger than their police force both in members and vehicles. They do not need a Metro force either nor have a traffic enforcement body. The police do it all their. And quite efficiently too. Try driving drunk if you would like to have rest and peace in a nice high tech cell for a night..

  • marc.hugo.75 - 2012-08-04 12:20

    "It's hits you so hard" says the person at the zoo. Of course it does. But there's a societal cure for this that has a wide-ranging and impactful outcome. Find those concerned and hit them hard. Really hard. On video, which is then publicised. Beat them black and blue. Leave them to unpleasant people who love animals, like me. No one will ever do it again. And all that boredom referred to in the first post? Ag shame. Who give's a c++p? Really. Sod them. There'll sure have a bit of real-life entertainment when I lay into them with a pick-handle. You won't believe what a nanny-state Aussie has become. They play a decent game of rugger, but for the rest, they are a far cry from the heroes of Gallipoli.

  • frederick.cunliffe - 2012-08-04 14:05

    And that is why their ancestors were sent there!

      robin.stobbs.9 - 2012-08-04 16:14

      Frederick, you should know that most of those "convicts" sent to Australia had done little more than steal a loaf of bread because they were down-and-out. In addition not all the early settlers in Oz were "convicts"; they were ordinary folk like those who came to try to make a living in South Africa, Central Africa or, like my grand-parents, in East Africa. I fail to see what social/moral connection there could possibly be between the current population and their ancestors - always assuming that the idiots who perpetrated this horrible act are born and bred Aussis and not contagion from (say) Africa or the Far East!

  • comurray - 2012-08-04 20:51

    How can a person kill innocent animals/birds. More than likely under the influence of drugs combined with alcohol. These persons when caught should be locked up without parole for the rest of their lives.

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