Cape Town to extend shark spotter funding

2012-05-18 15:40

Cape Town - Cape Town will continue funding the Shark Spotters programme for the next three years, the city said on Friday.

Environmental mayoral committee member Belinda Walker said the city wanted to fund at least 80% of the programme's budget.

"The Shark Spotters have become a highly recognised institution on Cape Town's coastline, and has been essential to the improved safety experienced by beach users in Cape Town."

The non-profit programme provided full-time employment for 17 people, and seasonal employment for six.

Shark Spotters had been deployed across five beaches along the Cape Peninsula every day of the year since 2007.

Since March this year, spotters had recorded 1 200 shark sightings, warning beach users through a flag system.

The formal spotting system was set up in 2006 after an increase in shark attacks and sightings.

The city's funding cycle ended in June. The mayoral committee's recommendation to extend the funding would be served before a full council meeting at the end of May.

  • Preshen - 2012-05-18 16:12

    Creating Jobs,good stuff

  • Ray - 2012-05-18 22:13

    Good news about the 3 year extension, but if it is 'essential to the improved safety experienced by beach users in Cape Town', why doesn't the City fund 100% of the programme instead of the Shark Spotters having the run comedy shows and beg for donations to raise funds???

  • Sharon - 2012-05-19 08:57

    Totally agree Ray. City should fund 100% .. just like the Gov should fund the NSRI 100%! Why are vital organisations like SS & NSRI left to fend for themselves?(great job Shark Spotters..) 1 moan: news24, why use such a very sad picture????? why not use one of Chris Fallows or Dirk Schmidt's beautiful pictures? (I am assuming she is the lady white killed by the irresponsible "whelk fishing experiment" in Fishhoek?) Horribly sad picture for a very positive story.

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