Cell C to compensate BlackBerry users

2011-10-13 16:51

Johannesburg - SA's third mobile operator, Cell C said on Thursday that it would compensate its BlackBerry users for the service disruption caused by a core switch failure within parent company Research In Motion's (RIM) infrastructure.

The crash of the BlackBerry e-mail and BlackBerry messenger services began on Monday, affecting users in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Brazil, Chile and Argentina, and spreading to North America on Tuesday.

In SA alone, more than 1.5 million users of the services were likely to have been affected.

"To thank customers for their patience and understanding during the BlackBerry services downtime this week, Cell C will be compensating its customers who are using the service.

"Cell C will give its customers R10 off the cost of their BlackBerry Internet/Enterprise Service for the month of October as well as providing them 10 free SMSes for the time they could not use BlackBerry Messenger," the group said in a statement.

The mobile operator stressed that while it had no role in the service disruption, "the company wants to ensure customers are compensated for the loss of service as a gesture of goodwill. Customers will receive more information about the compensation via SMS next week".

  • Suraya - 2011-10-13 16:56

    impressive by CellC

      adrian.bean - 2011-10-13 18:27

      Cell C is now saying to the others, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it"!

      Marius - 2011-10-14 08:47

      So Cell C is basically giving their BB subscribers each about 3 lollipops?

  • Joe_Public - 2011-10-13 16:56

    Vodacom must be hating this. Their moral corruption would not typically pay but now that the competitors are doing it, they will have to. Let's wait for their spin...

  • Pieter Plank - 2011-10-13 16:57

    Well Done Cell C! I Doubt if my stingy new Red provider will follow suit. See you next year!

  • Siya.sindelo - 2011-10-13 16:57

    MTN should follow suit!

  • angel4 - 2011-10-13 17:03

    Vodacom should do the same>>>>>>>> please

  • Mike Hoxbig - 2011-10-13 17:03

    Yeah give 'em their R6 back! Every cent counts for BB owners :P

  • Samantha - 2011-10-13 17:04

    I'm so happy I left MTN and went to Cell C - Nashua also sucks!

  • angel4 - 2011-10-13 17:04


  • Jules - 2011-10-13 17:09

    Hahahhahahahaha R10. HAHAHAHAHA

  • SeasonFit - 2011-10-13 17:11

    @ Mike Hoxbig LOL

  • Withond - 2011-10-13 17:12

    But CellC service in our area is so bad they should refund us every month for dropped calls and "user not availlable" problems, I stick with Vodacom, at least I get my calls and e-mails.

  • Jimm636 - 2011-10-13 17:19

    to expect any kind of wireless/mobile service to function flawlessly 24/7 is totally unrealistic. technology fails every now and again. you're the fools for whinning about it so much/for dedicating your lives to one piece of hardware. get over yourselves.

      Karen - 2011-10-14 08:07

      Jimm636 I couldn't agree with you more. Cellphones are handy, yes, but it's not the end of the world if you cannot post to FB or Twitter every 10 minutes! Also, emails etc can be accessed on your computers, so this was just a little bit of frustration - nothing more!

  • Herbert - 2011-10-13 17:24

    Well done Cell C!!!!! Better to give up R10 and 10 SMS's than having to fork out R 57 x # of BB users!!!!

  • Ngqeku - 2011-10-13 17:28

    Quite unnecessary though. I guess its a marketing strategy since they are struggling in attracting and retaining customers. I don't see others doing the same as they are not that desperate

  • Serpentarius - 2011-10-13 17:31

    interesting. bb goes down as 'occupy wall street' goes viral in the good 'ol us of a. big brother testing the internet 'kill switch'. nothing to worry about, folks. all just coincidental... perhaps our time has come to protest against bank charges, banking in general, food and fuel inflation, corrupt government, prosecution immunity etc etc. wadyathink, boys and girls?

  • Caryn Lacey - 2011-10-13 17:32

    Nice gesture, well done Cell C!

  • RuthK - 2011-10-13 17:33

    It may not be much money, but i think the fact that Cell C are fast and efficient and care that much about their clients speaks volumes. Hang your heads in shame MTN and Vodacom... the little guys that no one thought would be successful are streets ahead in terms of customer service. This is going to be a big 'win' for them. As someone who has phones with Vodacome, Cell C and MTN, I must say this is swaying me to port to Cell C.

      gizzy - 2011-10-13 18:01

      Must have problems if you have to have 3 different service providers!!!! Cell C are the worst of the bunch for reception problems. Anyhow, good that R10 will sway you!

  • Johann - 2011-10-13 17:39

    Please donate my R10 portion to the "Help Bryce Lawrence pay for his guide dog" fund!

      Andy49 - 2011-10-13 17:49

      get over it already.

      Johann - 2011-10-13 17:56

      Miserable Git!

  • lenyora - 2011-10-13 17:39

    This smells of a Marketing/PR campaign by CellC ... they probably have about 5000 subscribers using Blackberry so a R10 rebate would only cost them R50k!!

      Cy - 2011-10-13 22:08

      Exactly!!!!!!!!! It stinks of Marketing, I think you have 1 zero to many more like 500 BB sub

  • bond.ridhoo - 2011-10-13 17:44

    Some idiots dont realise that R10 x 1 mil = R10M. And they laugh at R10. Guess they are not business minded and are not looking from CellC's point of view. Ag shame.

      Mike Hoxbig - 2011-10-13 17:53

      There are only about 1 million BB users in the country. Best case you're looking at R3 million - pocket change for a cellular operator when you factor in things like PR/marketing and sponsorship deals. So yeah, let people laugh about it, it's funneh :)

      shiv179 - 2011-10-14 08:39

      How many BB users are on Cell C? 1 million sounds too high

  • Jakes-cpt - 2011-10-13 18:01

    Well Done Cell C. R10 might not be much, but your gesture is worth much more than R10.

  • Iain Noble - 2011-10-13 18:07

    good for them on this but when are they going to compensate Cell C internet users for their inability to access the internet because of overloading on their system and poor signal?

  • Dirk du Plessis - 2011-10-13 18:08

    Vodacom must be red by now??

  • Satish Byrow - 2011-10-13 18:37

    Cells rocks

  • Satish Byrow - 2011-10-13 18:39

    Oops, Cell C ;)

  • Jack_Parow - 2011-10-13 18:52

    kudos to Cell C! Im thinking of Moving to Android, my upgrade is due in 3weeks. I wanted to get the Samsung GS2, BUT on Vodacom I have to pay in R2500 on my Top up 315. I see @ Virgin mobile you can get the GS2 + R300 airtime @ R320pm? and on Cell C @ R280pm + 100 anytime mins. WTF is up with Vodacom?! The have lost the plot !

  • marlene.willoughbysmith - 2011-10-13 18:59

    This sucks I am not a Cell C user but was thinking of changing. Get real please

  • Marius - 2011-10-14 08:36

    R10?? Wow, you guys must be sooooo happy!!

  • Abram - 2011-10-14 09:37

    @Mminakwena - What about 8ta, they so quite, the should do the same, who you gonna call - they should say How we gonna compensate! SA mobile Service - they like SA Road Link Buses.

  • Lebo - 2011-10-14 11:56


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