China urges tighter internet security

2011-12-30 13:16

Shanghai - The Chinese government is working with domestic internet search engines like Baidu Inc and, and financial institutions to prevent phishing attacks on unsuspecting Chinese web users.

The ministry of public security said on Friday it would work with 10 Chinese search engines to protect the website rankings of financial institutions to lessen the chances that internet users will be duped by phishing websites.

A phishing attack occurs when the user is persuaded to part with his or her username and password via a fake webpage that closely resembles the original.

Through the collaboration, the official websites of several Chinese banks, such as Agricultural Bank of China and China Construction Bank will be ranked first in the search engine when a user searches for the related keywords, the ministry said in an online circular on Friday.

The move comes as China urged tighter internet security on Wednesday, after a spate of personal data leaks that alarmed the online community and prompted calls for tougher scrutiny of who has access to online information.

China claims the most internet users in the world at 485m, state media reported last month, and despite widespread censorship and monitoring online, many users have been up in arms about the reported data leaks and their implications.

The user IDs, passwords and e-mail addresses of more than 6m accounts registered on CSDN - a site for programmers - were leaked, Xinhua New Agency reported last week, citing an anti-virus software provider which discovered the problem. The popular social-networking site Tianya was also hit.

The Global Times newspaper on Friday described the state of internet security in China as "very dangerous", saying the leaks had "struck Chinese society's alarm bells".

  • ubhejane - 2011-12-30 13:50

    Welcome to the real world China! Being a communist Dictatorship is going to become very difficult. Please send a pigeon with this message to the ANC somewhere at the tip of Dark Africa and tell them about this shocking new reality that will make hiding secrets very difficult.

  • colin.dovey - 2011-12-30 14:04

    I get at least 2 Phishing, or similar, attacks a DAY - guess what? I deal with it...we don't need a Government to play Nanny in our daily lives - that is the trouble with Communism - they want to rule people's souls and minds, and then suck money from the system, ensuring they enjoy wealth and luxury, whilst the poor grind out an existence. The current regime in China is a good (bad) example and their are politicians in our ambit who are falling over themselves to emulate the example being set. We DO not need SIXTY FOUR Cabinet Members (Population 50 million) ....Brazil has just TWENTY FOUR (Population 195 million)

      ubhejane - 2011-12-30 14:24

      No No No Xavier. How could you possibly overload our ministers in this manner. When will they get time to shop with all the money they suck from the tax payers? No, please have a heart now. You will cause a complete crash in the economy as well. Every minister has a luxury car in Tswane and one in Cape Town and both have a driver and two bodyguards. So that gives us 128 luxury cars, 128 drivers (highly skilled) and 256 body guards. Now you want to cut them down to 24 ministers? Stock exchange will crash and Mercedes will go out of business. I have a better plan. We appoint another 64 to help share the heavy work load because they don't seem to cope at all. We then buy 256 Volkswagen Jettas as official cars and then investigate everyone's income and search their bank accounts for large sums of unexplainable sums of money. Do you think any of them will stay on?

  • bernpm - 2011-12-30 15:18

    Is this the same China that smuggles loads of counterfake goods around the world? and kills those who smuggle a few kilo's of drugs into China??

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