Clip of baby's beating goes viral in SA

2012-05-10 16:59

Cape Town – A woman seen beating her baby in a video that has gone viral in South Africa, was arrested in Malaysia last year.


The footage, shared on various social media sites and over BBM, shows a Malaysian mother hitting her 8-month-old baby with a pillow then pinching, slapping and kicking the baby. She also hits the baby with a cellphone.

The woman in her 20s constantly screams "Diamlah bodoh!" which translates as "Shut up, stupid!" to the baby while another woman films the abuse.

Another young child is seen in the video witnessing the assault.

The Royal Malaysian Police have confirmed the video was taken in May last year.

The woman was arrested after the police in Malaysia received "nearly 300 complaints".

She is currently serving out an 18-month prison sentence with the woman who filmed the incident.

The video was posted to Youtube by various users, but has since been removed.

  • Sonja - 2012-05-10 17:03

    O...M...G......... this woman must be JAILED. Give her to me for 30 min!!!

      Squeegee - 2012-05-10 17:43

      Read the whole story before commenting Sonja...

      Sloragoth - 2012-05-10 19:34

      Squeegee, you have to forgive the morons on news24 for all the down votes you got. They click before thinking. People, Squeegee was trying to point out that she has ALREADY been jailed, NOT that we should hear the mothers side before commenting. I think we can ALL agree that this b*tch must die.

      chandre.pelser - 2012-05-10 20:37

      Honestly: I don't know whether I'd be able to stop punching a woman if I ever see this happen in front of me. I think its safe to say that given the incorrect circumstances (like this), there;s a chance I might become a murderer some day.. As bad as that may seem, the baby would be better off without this cruel mother.

      Louwhan - 2012-05-11 02:41

      @Chandre - As bad as it seems. Not being with this THING is the best thing that could happen to this baby. Cruelty to the HIGHEST degree. A little more faith in humanity lost.

      Lorain - 2012-05-11 07:14

      5 minutes is all I need with her.What sort of person must you be to target someone defenceless? And her friend that filmed it?

      nasheenar - 2012-05-11 09:42

      18 months not enough. Agree no child deserves a mother like this. I hope she is never allowed to have children again

      Gareth - 2012-05-11 10:16

      I would put my fist through that B&^$&( face if I could

      Templar - 2012-05-11 11:02

      Just reading about this gave me knots in my stomach, I cannot bring myself to watch the video.

      CapeChappy - 2012-05-11 20:34

      What about the sick bastards that posted this on UTube??? I wouldn't mind a few minutes with them too... How could you possibly think it's appropriate to upload this as entertainment?

      shannon.dillon.16 - 2012-05-12 04:18

      Clearly the people who shared this online didn't do it for entertainment, but to spread the awareness. How else do you think the Malaysian police got nearly 300 complaints? you think she has 300 neighbors

      elmarie.viola - 2012-05-13 09:40

      @ Capechappy: The good thing that came out of ot being loaded, ois that the mother, and the person that filmed it, are jailed. And the aby is probably in a place of safety. Much better than still being with this person that has given birht to a new precious, defenceless little baby.. She should have asked for help if she couldn't cope, not take it out on the baby!

      aaminah.rahman - 2012-05-16 20:35

      30 mins lol, If you make the most of that time, its enough to kill the bitch!

  • Alfred - 2012-05-10 17:07

    I've never hit a woman but I'd make an exception for her.

      Danie - 2012-05-10 17:26

      She can not be classified as a woman, she should be taken into a cell get pinched by 40 prison officials and constantly kicked and slapped while in hand cuffs. More or less the same that poor child had to suffer. Any person willing to abuse a child should get a death penalty!!!!! Sick man Sick

  • Steven - 2012-05-10 17:08

    This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen - as a loving parent it is beyond my comprehension... DEATH is too good for her - may she burn in eternal hell!!!

      clinton.badenhorst - 2012-05-10 19:02

      What was even more disturbing than the beating itself, is when the poor child try to seek comfort and crawled to it's own mother and the mother forcefully pushes her away and beats her further! I have seen many disturbing things on the internet already, but this has to be one of the cruellest acts I have ever seen. I wish I could adopt that poor child!

      Lee-Anne - 2012-05-10 19:38

      Steven i feel the same way, i cudnt bring myself to watch the video but just reading this article has me in tears! my baby is 3 months old and i cant imagine wat that poor baby was feeling! a mother is suppose to protect and guard her child with her life! i hope she gets the hell beaten out of her in jail, and as far as im concerned 18 months is definetly not enuf time in jail!

      nasheenar - 2012-05-11 09:51

      I would not be able to watch something like this. Just listening to to what people are saying is enough for the human mind.People have no love in their hearts anymore not even for their own.

  • kev47 - 2012-05-10 17:09

    One of the saddest things I think I've ever seen.

      J-Man - 2012-05-10 17:23

      You know whats even 'sadder'? this is just one of a THOUSAND cases that go unnoticed. This one just got caught. Many don't.

      Sloragoth - 2012-05-10 19:36

      J-Man, what's even sadder is that it's not "many don`t" its "MOST don't". I could'nt watch the whole video.

  • Fanie Oosthuizen - 2012-05-10 17:11

    Disturbing beyond comprehension.

  • brumilda - 2012-05-10 17:12

    Only 18Months prison sentence..... I hope the others in prison will beat her up!!

      Maria - 2013-02-05 02:02

      hell yeah

  • Denise - 2012-05-10 17:14

    If there is any justice she is getting beaten daily in jail!! This is hectic!!

  • stanley.marries - 2012-05-10 17:15

    I don't want to see the video,judging from the comments so far,I realise that it's really disturbing. 8 MONTHS OLD...WHAT CAN A BABY THAT AGE POSSIBILY HAVE DONE WRONG TO DESERVE THAT???...Is the world really turning out to be this cruel?...very very very very very sad!..I hope the child is okay now!!,,May the angels watch over that poor child and may God keep him/her safe for eternity!!

      merushan - 2012-05-10 17:39

      Trust me. U dnt wanna see it!

  • Angelique - 2012-05-10 17:16

    Did the baby survive???

      Theo - 2012-05-10 19:43


      Theo - 2012-05-10 20:22


      monique.feilingrawjee - 2012-05-11 10:53

      good question - in the video the baby was still alive... wonder what happened to the poor baby...?

  • Dooie - 2012-05-10 17:17

    Send her to me. I will sjambok the crap out of her.

      aneesa.jay - 2012-05-11 12:19

      I'll help you

  • Marie - 2012-05-10 17:20


  • Sharlene - 2012-05-10 17:20

    Hope the little one has found love and safety with another family. She should never be allowed to have another child. And somebody was watching this cruel and heartless act and recording it - a woman - how could she?

      jen36lexi - 2012-11-27 02:39

      did the baby survive i pray shes safe

  • Steven - 2012-05-10 17:20

    This is sick. 20 seconds is all I could watch. 18months is disgraceful, not only is she abusing the poor baby, the other child witnessing this will undoubtedly be scared for life. Hope the child is taken away from her and she's sterilised never to breed again.

  • Tweetymonique - 2012-05-10 17:21

    "She is currently serving out an 18-month prison sentence with the woman who filmed the incident." Why only such a short period of time?!!!

  • aimeejohanna - 2012-05-10 17:22

    Why did you post it?

  • jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-05-10 17:22

    The worst part is that the little guy just wanted to touch her for some comfort. I can't believe what I just saw. I wish they will give me just 10 min alone in that cell with her.

      clinton.badenhorst - 2012-05-10 19:09

      I was feeling that same sorrow brother. I can't believe a mother would beet her baby after the baby sought comfort from her...

  • John - 2012-05-10 17:22

    geez. Got chills. Couldn't get past 30 seconds. And to think she's not the only one out there. Barbarism will never truly be cleansed from the Human race.

      nasheenar - 2012-05-11 10:00

      Well said John.

  • Ivan Overton - 2012-05-10 17:23

    What makes this so particularly dreadful is that she does not let up - every time the poor infant stops crying, she hits him again, almost as if she WANTS him to cry, what senseless, hateful cruelty. I sincerely hope the child is in a much better situation now, my heart goes out to him. I also hope that the mother gets what she deserves, in spades.

  • kabelo.leballo - 2012-05-10 17:26

    some people dont deserve to be called mothers SIES!!!!! :(

  • juffrou - 2012-05-10 17:30

    This was last year May...that means that this abuse went on for 1 year and 8 months. I couldn't watch past 30 seconds. Cruel!

  • Lee - 2012-05-10 17:32

    Jailed for 18 Months. I'd quite happily do life after beating this woman to death.

      jaysonpaul.beckwith - 2012-05-10 17:40

      @lee. This bitch does not qualify to be called a woman or a mother. She is a monster. And should be treated that way. I will gladly do the same as you.

  • Nigel - 2012-05-10 17:34

    Sick Bitch

  • merushan - 2012-05-10 17:35

    I also couldn't bare watchin th vid, was really bad

  • Dr.Ntsele - 2012-05-10 17:35

    The Stupid Convict!!!! -- She Needs Some Severe Punishment.

  • brumilda - 2012-05-10 17:37

    They want to sentence ppl to death for drug trafficking... but a person abusing a baby gets 18 months... i'm still not over that!!

      chilli.stephenson1 - 2012-05-11 15:02

      I Agree Brumilda... 100% spot on!

  • bernadette.mundy - 2012-05-10 17:39

    I have the biggest lump in my throat ever! Got to 1 minute 30 seconds. Defenceless baby. Looked like sport to that creature, she just sits there and waits for the baby to cry so that she can beat it again! What kind of sickos do this let alone film it being done? Little faith in some of these 3rd world countries. Barbaric.

      lashonda.floodnorris - 2012-12-15 03:42

      This doesn't just happen in third world countries, sadly this exist everywhere, including here in the United States. This one just happened to be captured on camera.

  • Marima Optometrists Marima - 2012-05-10 17:40

    Couldn't stand watching it for 20 sec... What kind of a human being does that to a defenseless soul like that... A mother, a woman for that matter..

      Jenny - 2012-05-11 14:12

      Did not watch the clip at all... The story was shocking as is.

  • Colabaypee - 2012-05-10 17:40

    Give that bitch to me and my daughter we'll beat her for 30min saw the clip my heart bled for the poor baba.Hope u save sweetheart.

  • carol.smith.37201 - 2012-05-10 17:43

    Damn this is disgusting, I feel like getting in there and punching her.She must get the same treatment.oooooh I am so mad now.

  • Serame - 2012-05-10 17:43

    i cant believe how cruel human beings have become. i can now safely say that these are the last days, the devil is with us. how can a mother brutaly assault a baby ( infant) she gave birth to. shocking indeed

      chilli.stephenson1 - 2012-05-11 15:03

      I agree 100 hundred percent!

  • Kerri-Lynn - 2012-05-10 17:45

    I couldnt watch all of this and I cried..that poor little baby...i want to reach in and hold it against me and protect it. This is heartbreaking and I wish I hadnt seen this. Seeing such a little human being just lying face down and being tortured like this is sickening..I look at my daughter and i cannot fathom how someone could do that to a many loving people would do anything to have a child and there are still malicious evil people out there who do not realise the gift that they have. I cannot believe it is only an 18 month sentence...frankly her hands should be sawn off so that she can never ever lay a hand on another child!

  • rulinda.engel - 2012-05-10 17:46

    i have seen this clip and it's soooo bad!!! felt so sad after watching it! how can someone do something like that to a child!!??? bi*ch must burn in hell!

      chilli.stephenson1 - 2012-05-11 15:04

      i feel sick... sad, angry... i almost punched my screen.

  • Sarina - 2012-05-10 17:49

    I wonder how long that baby was been beating for cos it sounds like she has been crying for a long time and the clip that I saw was only 4min long. They need to put her in the same cell as Ananius Mathe.

  • Sulette Behnke - 2012-05-10 17:49

    Where have all the heroes gone? Isn't it sad that NO ONE was around for this child? How many more kids take this abuse?

  • thivham - 2012-05-10 17:51

    This woman or watever I may cal her,deserves to rot in jail,no mother who has carried a child for 9months can do this stupid thing,she dsnt even deserve to be a mother,the poor babe dsnt have the energy to cry anymore n try to crawl to his mother's lap becoz its where he knws he'll be protected but this stupid woman dsnt have mercy,I think 18months is very small for her,

  • naidooas - 2012-05-10 17:51

    what the hell...she does not deserve to be on this earth! I strongly believe in bringing back the death sentence...people like her that dont respect life should have thier lives ended!

  • Pixi3kid - 2012-05-10 17:52

    she reaches out for love and gets pain instead! she didnt ask to be here! thank God i didnt have sound to hear that clip... im crying my heart out! This will haunt me forever and change the way i see my own to kiddies. im am feeling so useless right now... i cant do anything... my heart is broken!give that baby to me, i will give her all the love she wants when she reaches out!

      chilli.stephenson1 - 2012-05-11 15:07

      yup. i wish i hadnt seen it. i only watched about a min or less actually. wanted to kill that waste of skin. i just wish i could hug my little boy now! I find myself wishing terrible thing on this waste of skin in this video!

  • Yoraldi - 2012-05-10 17:54

    I feel physically ill watching this bitch get away with doing this to such a little person.. They shouldn't have given her an 18 month sentence,she'll just come out and have more babies. They should stone the bitch. She shouldn't be in society. I pray that little one has found a loving home. Disgusting.

  • thivham - 2012-05-10 17:56

    This woman or watever I may cal her,deserves to rot in jail,no mother who has carried a child for 9months can do this stupid thing,she dsnt even deserve to be a mother,the poor babe dsnt have the energy to cry anymore n try to crawl to his mother's lap becoz its where he knws he'll be protected but this stupid woman dsnt have mercy,I think 18months is very small for her,

  • Mluleki Simelane - 2012-05-10 17:58

    I received this video today, couldn't watch it. Doesn't Malaysia shambock offenders? This woman deserves a 100 slashes

      Gerry - 2012-05-10 18:51

      Make that 100 lashes daily for the duration of her sentence. Such a SICK person!!

      chilli.stephenson1 - 2012-05-11 15:08

      Gerry i agree

  • jonomillion - 2012-05-10 17:59

    Our kangaroo courts would sort out her and the person who filmed this.

  • Melani - 2012-05-10 18:02

    If this bitch is not dead yet, she should be killed slowly, I cannot believe a human or animal doing what she did, start by kicking out her teeth.

  • Wayne - 2012-05-10 18:04

    Couldn't even watch the whole clip, disgusting!!

  • shireen.abbas - 2012-05-10 18:11

    No words for this callous heartless inhumane BITCH !

  • Grant - 2012-05-10 18:15

    That baby should be taken away from her and she should be given psychiatric treatment. Something is definitely not right upstairs...

  • Rudi - 2012-05-10 18:26

    I have never been so shocked about what I saw a 18 month sentence wtf give her life sentence that was very very cruel you bastard may God punish u with hell fire piece of crap the poor thing

  • mikolaj.krzyzanowski - 2012-05-10 18:27

    Who's worse, the woman hitting the baby, or the one filming it and not doing anything!?

      shaficks - 2012-05-11 08:18

      Thats what I was thinking as well.

      chilli.stephenson1 - 2012-05-11 15:09

      they are both equally disgusting

  • Samantha - 2012-05-10 18:27

    This is really disturbing!! Couldnt watch it, became nauseous seeing her hit the baby with the pillow!! The poor child!! Women like that should not have children!! The child should be loved and cared for, have a strong bond with the mother!! This is awful!!

  • bronwyn.koch - 2012-05-10 18:28

    what I dont understand is why so many people watch this in the first sad....its bad enough that it happened but to then want to watch it....I just don't understand

      Ellie - 2012-05-12 01:17

      People need to watch it to understand what happened dumb ass!

  • D - 2012-05-10 18:29

    shows that she is human, you guys saying you would beat her are just as bad as her what she did wasnt as awful as everyone says, back in the day we called it a hiding. #

      Konanani - 2012-05-10 18:57

      If u think beating a 8 months old is ok,then there is somethng wrong with u D

      Konanani - 2012-05-10 18:57

      If u think beating a 8 months old is ok,then there is somethng wrong with u D

      Garika - 2012-05-10 19:09

      You are f*#¥ing sick,how dare you call that hiding,a 8 month old baby doesn't even understand everything,I am a mother and I deeply feel for that baby,ppl like that should burn in hell

      Jan - 2012-05-10 19:50

      well... you deserve a hiding now for just saying that. There is a hiding and abuse. This is abuse with a capital A.

      Wynand - 2012-05-10 23:06

      Please for the love of god get sterilised as soon as possible and never have children because its people with a sick f@cking mentality like yours that end up abusing children!!!!!

      John - 2012-05-11 07:18 really are a broken toy if you believe beating the crap out of a 8 month baby is ok.

      monique.feilingrawjee - 2012-05-11 11:01

      are you serious????? did you watch the clip?? it is NOT a hiding!!! i believe in discipline - what that woman is doing the video is torture and if a child does wrong (which a 8month old would NOT grasp) they apologize. If you watched the clip - you would have seen that this baby is stretching out to his/her mother to seek redemption and love - and she is blatantly rejected with a push over!!! you are sick and if you are giving your kids hidings like that, D, I pray that your neighbors phone the welfare asap!!!

      chilli.stephenson1 - 2012-05-11 15:12

      D... you hind behind a faceless picture. why not come and meet us in the Park. show your face you piece of trash. You are as bigger waste of skin as this piece of trash in the video who is beating her baby. Show your face D... meet me... where do you stay? i'll make a meeting place!

      melissa.edson.7 - 2012-07-06 18:56

      i can't believe that you would even have the nerve to say that. who do you think you are. would you have wanted that done to you? a helpless child.

      lashonda.floodnorris - 2012-12-15 03:53

      I don't know what hiding is, never heard of it but if you think that is normal than I hope you don't ever have children.