Energy plan crucial - Motlanthe

2010-08-10 22:20

Bloemfontein - An integrated plan for energy in SA is no longer an option but vital, deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe said on Tuesday.

"Our strategic thrust should be that of ensuring... the security of energy supply," he told the energy department's oil and gas indaba in Bloemfontein.

He said the department wanted to, among others, partner with the industry operating in this sector to develop a 20-year plan for managing liquid fuels.

"It will encompass the whole liquid fuels value chain, including logistics."

Earlier, the department said the indaba would enable those in the oil and gas sector to deliberate on exploration and production and the development of the liquefied petroleum gas business. The role of black-owned entrepreneurs in the sector would also be discussed.

Motlanthe said liquid fuels shortages in December 2005, as well as electricity blackouts in recent years had served as wake-up calls.

"A positive aspect to emerge out of the electricity and liquid fuels shortages is that they served to awaken us and to strengthen the resolve with which we address challenges of energy security."

Motlanthe said the government could not tackle these problems on its own and needed sustainable partnerships to ensure security of energy supply.

SA could not achieve the growth and development it aspired to without energy security.

  • Victor - 2010-08-11 08:00

    It is extremely important to also intoduce solar and wind power into our energy grid! Take the lead in SA!! There is NO excuse not to do it. All new homes in future should be planned and build with at least 50% use of alternative energy, and old houses / buildings to change within 5 years. I changed my house to 100% wind + solar power + gas for water heating....not dependant on ESKOM, environmental friendly and free, after installation. GO FOR IT!

  • James Adrian - 2010-08-11 10:12

    Ja ja. More yada yada. Less do, do do!

    Can someone wakeup to the fact that all the talking does not fix anything anywhere? SA needs to do, not talk anymore.

    We have heard all the rhetoric before, ad nauseam!

    When will anything be done? Like introduce penalty tariffs on electricity misuse.

    Because corporate and parastatal South Africa laughs at energy security/efficiency talks and threats. As a major university in the Western Cape told me yesterday, we will do nothing until we are forced through penalties.

    Come on Kgalema, follow where Phumzile started with the Energy Champions Forum! And introduce those penalty tariffs NOW!

    That way you will see action quickly and effectively.

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