Extra-large asteroid to race by Earth

2012-06-15 07:27

Washington - A newly discovered asteroid the size of a city block will zoom past Earth but poses no risk of a collision, astronomers said on Thursday.

The "unusually large" asteroid will not be visible to the naked eye, but asteroid enthusiasts may watch it pass by during a live online broadcast, said Patrick Paolucci, president of the sky watchers' site Slooh.

Nasa has already catalogued 9 000 such Near-Earth Objects, but astronomers are always on the lookout for new ones.

"Once in awhile one will come out of nowhere like this one, which is actually pretty big," Paolucci said.

"We were like, 'Wow, we should track this one.'"

The asteroid, named 2012 LZ1, is thought to be about 500m wide, and is expected to pass within 14 times the Moon's distance from the Earth.

The massive object was discovered just days ago by Scottish-Australian astronomer Rob McNaught and colleagues at the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the Australian National University.

The asteroid qualifies as a Near-Earth Object because of its size and proximity - more than 152m wide and within a distance of 7.5 million kilometres from Earth.

Paolucci said the asteroid's fly-by would be covered in real-time with footage from an observatory in the Canary Islands at beginning at 00:00.

  • vincent.vinsaint - 2012-06-15 07:45

    Next time earth won't be so lucky.

      semakaleng.thulare - 2012-06-15 08:05

      Chill dude...or get a rope!

      arthur.hugh - 2012-06-15 09:35

      Swap your belongings for a tin foil hat then hehehe

  • robbie.crouch - 2012-06-15 08:24

    and they were so cocksure they had mapped them all last year...

      SublimeOwl - 2012-06-15 09:42

      they can never have them all mapped... searching for objects like that in space is equivalent to crawling on your hands and knees in a pitch black cave, looking for grains of coal (moving too!), using light from a candle 100m away...

  • Coenraad - 2012-06-15 09:25

    It's not a picture of the moon. Trying to map all(?) the asteroids would be similar to a person sitting on the roof of his house with a pair of binoculars and a notebook, writing down the reg numbers he can see. Not perfect but better than doing nothing.

  • Mathys Theart - 2012-06-15 09:42

    its nibiru, i tell you! we're all gonna die!! aaahhh!!!

  • ben.louw.5 - 2012-06-15 14:53

    Our planet is constantly playing asteroid dodge ball. Mainly from from the belt between Mars and Jupiter... Freaky when one looks at simulations of our orbit to see the amount of stuff we dodge...

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