FBI to probe china e-mail hacking charges

2011-06-02 18:02

Washington - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that Google's allegations of the Chinese hacking of its e-mail system are "very serious" and will be investigated by the FBI.

Clinton told reporters on Thursday that the Obama administration was disturbed by the charges, which the internet company says include breaches of e-mail accounts belonging to senior US officials.

Google said on Wednesday that personal Gmail accounts of several hundred people, including senior US government officials, military personnel and political activists, had been exposed.

Google traced the origin of the attacks to the home city of a military vocational school in China whose computers were linked to an assault 17 months ago on Google's systems.

  • Grunk - 2011-06-03 14:51

    And the Yanks aren't trying to do the same to senior Chinese officials (and Russian..and Indian..and..British...etc)? Why did the US Armed Forces recently appoint a senior General to oversee strategic use of IT warfare?

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