Facebook 4 on trial for inciting UK riots

2011-10-20 23:20

London - A British court says four men accused of posting messages on Facebook encouraging people to loot during the August riots in England will go on trial.

The men, aged 19 to 28, are accused of posting messages such as "Let the looting begin" on the social networking website. They allegedly told people to gather at designated times and places, with one post said to have advised people to bring weapons.

All four deny the charges. They have been granted bail ahead of their court appearances in February.

London and other major English cities were ravaged by arson, disorder and looting on four consecutive days in August.

Five people were killed and scores of stores were broken into, with youths blamed for inciting and carrying out much of the damage.

  • zaatheist - 2011-10-21 04:34

    Good. There must be consequences for anti-social behaviour.

  • kevin.rack - 2011-10-21 04:45

    What a joke...bankers can bring the world to the knees, get bailed out with our money, totaly destroy the economy and walk away without a any due process. A few idiots tell some guys to throw stones and they go to jail. Helooo poeple are you awake??? The world is in trouble because of you

      Squeegee - 2011-10-21 07:20

      Hey Kevin - easy to talk. What would you have said if it were your home or business that was looted?

      MissGremlin - 2011-10-21 08:54

      5 people were killed. As a direct result of "a few idiots telling some guys to throw stones..." Please don't trivialise what happened. Real people got hurt, died, and lost their means of income through the destruction because of "a few idiots".

  • badballie - 2011-10-21 09:11

    English law still provides an escape clause which allows the people to rebel against government if government is the first to break the bond between itself and its people. Britain's government is guilty of treason against its people. as for "anti- social" behaviour, you haven't seen anything yet. this will escalate and spread, with governments all over the world falling in the next 18 months, the people have had enough and will take back the power they have given their governments to abuse them

      Peter - 2011-10-22 14:06

      You sound like a typical left wing loony. So 'the people' are going to take back the power - you mean out of work, lazy buggers and paid protesters.

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