Facebook cracks down on fake 'Likes'

2012-09-01 17:26

San Francisco - Facebook ramped up efforts on Friday to get rid of "Likes" that aren't from people genuinely interested in giving a virtual thumbs up to pages at the world's leading social network.

"We have recently increased our automated efforts to remove Likes on pages that may have been gained by means that violate our Facebook terms" of service, the Facebook security team said in a blog post.

"These newly improved automated efforts will remove those Likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users or purchased bulk Likes."

Facebook has long given members the ability to endorse pages at the social network by clicking on "Like" icons.

High numbers of Likes can give "fan count" status to pages, particularly those dedicated to brands.

"A Like that doesn't come from someone truly interested in connecting with a page benefits no one," Facebook said.

"This improvement will allow pages to produce ever more relevant and interesting content, and brands will see an increase in the true engagement around their content."

Facebook expected that less than one percent of the fan count on any given page would be trimmed as a result of the crackdown on "suspicious Likes".

  • JohnPope - 2012-09-01 17:58

    I LIKE this article...

  • tony.kirby1 - 2012-09-01 18:03

    About time as well. Next thing is to stop sites like this one that want you to log in with facebook. Peeves me off.

      Gerda Malherbe - 2012-09-01 19:26

      Now I'd like to see them remove Farm Ville, Photo of the Day and Look Who's Watching your Profile. I don't use fb anymore because of that. Boring! no wonder their shares are plummeting

  • stanton.clarke - 2012-09-01 18:17

    All these efforts to satisfy its ad paying customers, not the FB users!

  • Steven Trollip - 2012-09-01 18:31

    FB sucks!!

  • adrian.hill.750 - 2012-09-01 18:37

    I want a Dislike button.

  • faizel.mahomed.7 - 2012-09-01 20:02

    This is an absolute joke... this facebook advertising revenue makes zero sense. The entire concept of Facebook is flawed. They will collapse just like the banks did, actually worse.

  • chanki.modise - 2012-09-01 20:30

    Fake likes neh! everything can be faked this days

  • bmaestro - 2012-09-02 21:06


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