Facebook debuts remote logouts

2010-09-03 10:19

New York - Facebook is rolling out a new security feature that lets users log out of their accounts remotely from another computer.

To do this, go to "account settings" on your Facebook page and click on "change" next to "account security". There, you will see where else your Facebook account is logged in, including the type of device and the city it's in or near. To log out of any of them, click "end activity".

Facebook is making this available over the next couple of weeks. It will be accessible on computers, but not mobile devices.

The feature is similar to what Google Inc's Gmail offers to its users, and Facebook says it's designed to help users keep their logins secure.

  • ZONE - 2010-09-03 11:14

    would this affect mobile

  • duh - 2010-09-03 14:07

    "It will be accessible on computers, but not mobile devices." READ the article.

  • doobie - 2010-09-03 14:52

    why don't they just make the FB connection a secure https connection instead of an http connection, surely it would help alot.

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