Facebook full of fakes

2012-03-09 07:27

San Francisco - Facebook is less popular than anyone thought.

The world's leading social network site has revealed that its previous estimate of 845 million users was inaccurate because it included millions of "fake users" whose accounts are either for false personalities or duplicates of other accounts.

A securities filing by the company revealed on Thursday that Facebook estimates that between 5% to 6% of its accounts fall into this category, which translates to between 42 million and 51 million accounts.

In the same filing, Facebook also revealed that it had opened new lines of credit worth $8bn.

The company said it would use the funds to pay general corporate expenses, as well as to finance the tax liabilities of employees who exercise their stock options, and to cover the potential legal costs of patent litigation with Yahoo, which has accused Facebook of violating 13 of its patents.

Facebook filed earlier this year its intention to launch an IPO (initial public offering) in which it hopes to raise $5bn at a reported company valuation between $75bn and $100bn.

  • Boer - 2012-03-09 07:45

    Who is fake?

      Kim - 2012-03-09 07:50

      Certainly not you Boer....LOL

      Alfred - 2012-03-09 08:17

      I'm as shocked and appalled as you are, Boer.

      Mouldy - 2012-03-09 08:34

      Fake? Surely not! As for Kim, WOW!

      leedsunitedfc - 2012-03-09 08:53

      Hahah there are plenty of fake profiles all over the place. Various reasons behind them. Marketers trying to gather client lists without their own knowledge/scam artists etc etc..

      richard.hipkin - 2012-03-09 09:03

      The figure of fake Facebook users in News24 stands at about 90%! :)

      Schmee - 2012-03-09 11:31


      bella.koekelies - 2012-03-09 13:31

      Hi, my name is Bella and I am a fake ... in order to try avoid spam and sites like News 24 who insist to have access to my personal profile.

  • Leon - 2012-03-09 07:48

    It should be called FakeBook

  • Yolokazi Lethabo Langeni - 2012-03-09 08:03

    This just in: \Duh!\

  • Yolandè Rwaai - 2012-03-09 08:22

    You don't say?! Shock

  • planetdonovan - 2012-03-09 08:27

    this headline is full of exaggeration.

  • WotzisName - 2012-03-09 08:46

    Facebook games are partly to blame. I have 2 "fake" accounts that I use for games like Farmville, etc, because to progress in the games you need more "friends" on the games. The majority of these "friends" are people I don't know, but millions of people friend each other in this way to get game credits. On my main personal facebook profile I have hundreds of friends, every one of which I know personally.

      Clive.D.Buckley - 2012-03-09 09:34

      wow, you are just so popular... and BTW, using multiple fake accounts for games is, well, cheating!

  • Nicholas - 2012-03-09 08:51

    So what if they are fake? They are still users and exposed to advertising which generates the income!

      Clive.D.Buckley - 2012-03-09 09:34

      because, you are marketing the same person 4 or 5 times...

      Vuyo - 2012-03-16 07:46

      It is the same user 4 or 5 times , so no extra revenue , but it misleads the marketers who think there is a much bigger market .

  • Koos - 2012-03-09 08:59

    5% is very, very conservative. From Koos (or maybe not)

      Clive.D.Buckley - 2012-03-09 09:35

      jah... agreed...but even if 50% of profiles were fake, that is still 400 million plus users... a rather big adevertising audience

  • Sipho - 2012-03-09 10:36

    I'm not fake!

      Rachell - 2012-03-10 15:57

      Who said that ?

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