Facebook takes on Google+ challenge

2011-08-24 08:40

San Francisco - Facebook announced a new set of privacy features on Tuesday aimed at giving users greater control of their data.

The changes were an apparent response to popular safeguards that have been a major factor in the success of rival social-networking platform Google+.

The changes allow users to easily specify which groups of friends see individual posts, and to view their profiles as other people see them.

Facebook changed the way pictures are tagged, allowing people to untag themselves from others' photos, but also to tag anyone in photos, rather than just Facebook friends.

Users for the first time get the option of changing their updates after they are posted, including content and who can see them.

"Today we're announcing a bunch of improvements that make it easier to share posts, photos, tags and other content with exactly the people you want," the company announced on its official Facebook blog.

The new features will roll out to all users in the coming days, Facebook said.

  • Vullis - 2011-08-24 08:47

    FB vs G+...i liked FB's upgrade

  • craig ludick - 2011-08-24 09:46


  • ian.d.samson - 2011-08-24 10:10

    G+ is really G MINUS, no contender whatsoever to Facebook's obvious supremacy. If Google is serious about challenging Facebook, it has an ENORMOUS task ahead!

      Thinus Swart - 2011-08-24 12:56

      That's where you have it wrong. It's not trying to challenge Facebook and it is certainly not a Facebook killer. G+ simply wants a social network to glue all of Google's other projects together. Already, you are seeing G+ integration with Gmail, the +1 button and soon it will be rolled out to their other services. I just like G+ more because it feels less obtrusive than Facebook. Facebook has become more and more childish over the years and I just can't stand it anymore.

      Cruzer91 - 2011-08-24 15:46

      Yeah, true Thinus... I like G+ too bcz u have everything u need there (on Plus, Google is doing this since Microsoft is teaming up with Facebook to fight against them. Somehow they have to respond. If u have realized, Facebook search uses the facebook sdearch and Bing. So some how, now don't need to go to if ur on facebook. I agree with u (Thinus), there's no way g+ won't make it. Although difficult to beat off facebook's 700m user base, we will always need something different. And we can't just be there with everybody else. Hence I enjoy twitter more than facebook. And g+ is also combining services u get in both twitter and facebook.

      Dayat Atime - 2011-08-29 13:30

      Although Cruzer, of that 700mil user base what is the ratio of real to bull accounts? I know a person that has a FB profile for each of her 4 cats, one for her dog, and three for herself. A statistician would use that data to say 7:1 accounts are bull, therefore 100mil active users...not true but still.

  • bugsie - 2011-08-24 10:24


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