Ferraris for smartphones in South Korea

2011-07-06 11:31

Seoul - Want a Ferrari, a notebook PC or tickets to a Mediterranean cruise? Buy a South Korean smartphone.

These are just a few of the more flamboyant of many temptations dangled in front of prospective smartphone buyers as small South Korean handset makers fight to draw consumer attention from global giants such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Apple.

A lucky South Korean university student recently won a Ferrari in a draw sponsored by domestic handset maker Pantech.

The company gave away the nearly 400 million won ($375 500) car as part of efforts to lure potential customers to its Vega Racer smartphone, which it claims is equipped with the world's fastest application processor.

Rival KT Tech, a handset unit of No 2 mobile carrier KT Corp, last week offered two smartphones at one price - but only to twins, a promotion of its new Janus smartphone, Janus, which it claims to be the world's first smartphone equipped with 1.5 GHz dual core processor.


Smartphone penetration is expected to jump to 42% this year, from just 2% two years ago, heating up the already keen fight for customers still further.

"We cannot compete head to head with Samsung and Apple with normal marketing strategy and features... The Ferrari, which symbolises speed, goes well with our product," a Pantech spokesperson said. The Vega Racer features a 1.5 GHz dual core processor.

For yet another promotion, Pantech on Friday launched an event to pick one buyer of its Vega Racer to send on a trip to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, a Ferrari theme park in the United Arab Emirates.

The moves appear to be paying off. The Vega Racer, which was rolled out on June 10, is selling well, with daily sales reaching 5 000 units and pushing Pantech's total smartphone sales to a record monthly high in June.

The battle has become so fevered that even smartphone units of global firms are joining with promotions of their own.

KT Corp has, according to media reports, offered a notebook PC, an LCD monitor or a gift certificate to people who bought some LG Electronics handset models in an effort to promote lagging sales, while the South Korean unit of Motorola will give three buyers of its Atrix smartphone cruise tickets to the Mediterranean or Alaska.

  • Mal Moer - 2011-07-06 13:02

    lekker jou naam met n plank geslaan..

  • Mal Moer - 2011-07-06 13:02

    lekker jou naam met n plank geslaan..!

  • bedonnerd - 2011-07-06 13:27

    @Cullen. You are a typical example of people who does not read the article properly, and then making remarks to look intelligent. Shows how stupid you and user_24 actually is not to know what the Korean currency is.

      Wayne - 2011-07-06 13:42

      @bedonnerd - "Shows how stupid you and user_24 actually is not to know what the Korean currency is." You meant to use "are" and not "is", so who is trying to look intelligent now? Even I misinterpreted the word "won" and I can tell you that your intellect is definitely sub par based your idiotic comment above.

  • bedonnerd - 2011-07-06 13:52

    @wayne, "is" or "are" You will still be an @sshole

      Wayne - 2011-07-06 13:58

      I beg to differ as you are the douche implying that the South Korean currency is general knowledge. You made much more of an ass of yourself by your idiotic comment.

      daaivark - 2011-07-06 14:24

      Bedonnerd. Rudeness seems to be your staple fare, but here's another lesson, just to watch you get annoyed: One person "does". More than one (as in "people") "do". Correct language is usually quite useful if one doesn't want to make an "@sshole" of oneself. Try it.

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