Galaxy S3 eyes 10 million mark

2012-06-25 16:09

Seoul - South Korea's Samsung Electronics, the world's largest smartphone maker, said on Monday it expects to have sold 10 million of its newest Galaxy S3 model by the end of July, two months after its launch.

JK Shin, head of the mobile communications division, said robust sales of the model would help Samsung's mobile business post a second-quarter profit bigger than the three months.

"We're getting more positive reviews for Galaxy S3 than the previous Galaxy S1 and S2 since the release in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia beginning 29 May," Shin said at an event to mark the phone's domestic release on Monday.

He estimated that global sales of the new phone - currently available in 147 countries - would surpass 10 million next month, including about a million to be sold at home.

"We're doing fairly well in emerging-economy markets... I think our second-quarter earnings will be better than the first quarter's, despite the difficult economic situation in Europe," Shin said.

Record profit

The company, the world's biggest technology firm by revenue, posted a record net profit for all its divisions of $4.44bn in the first quarter, thanks largely to strong smartphone sales.

The third version of the Galaxy S series offers face-recognition technology and improved voice-activated controls as well as a more powerful processor that lets users watch video and write emails simultaneously.

It also has a 12.2cm screen that is 22% larger than the S2, while it can detect eye movements and override the automatic shutdown if the user is looking at the screen.

Samsung shipped 44.5 million smartphones in the first quarter, exceeding the 35.1 million of US arch-rival Apple, according to market researcher Strategy Analytics in April.

Samsung, embroiled in patent lawsuits in 10 nations with Apple, is pinning its hopes on the S3 to further erode its rivals' market share before the expected new version of Apple's iPhone 5 this year.

In a rare victory for the Korean firm, a Dutch court last week ruled in favour of Samsung and ordered the US giant to pay unspecified damages for patent infringement.

  • bryn.barker - 2012-06-25 16:49

    The S3 deserves all the praise it gets. I have one and it seems like it's powered by magic.

      gerhard.nel - 2012-06-25 16:58

      Would have bought one but my Galaxy S2 is still so good it would be a waste of money! I do want the S3 badly though!

      duanne.dames - 2012-06-26 09:09

      I'm loving the Samsung Galaxy series, but I've seen in a few reviews (, and others) that the S3's screen is really not that great compared to the Galaxy S2 or the HTC One X. It uses a Pentile display to save battery power which makes the screen look more pixelated . . What's your experience?

  • africanwolf - 2012-06-25 17:02

    Good phone also got one

  • Jaun - 2012-06-25 17:03

    I have a my Samsung!!! Wont mind an iPhone, but the Samsung is just as good...Love this competition because we as consumers win at the end with good quality products. Samsung and Apple deserve there glory because they are moving the game forward!! If I was Apple I would keep the 4s as a cheaper model like samsung did with the SII, because they might not be as good as the upcoming iPhone 5 or SIII, but they are still better than any other phones on the market!! My Galaxy changed my way of working with a is my personal assistant!!

      Jaun - 2012-06-25 17:03

      sorry "their glory"

  • moses.abel - 2012-06-25 17:17

    Yes ooooo

  • martyfx - 2012-06-25 18:01

    Samsung shipped 44.5 million smartphones in the first quarter, exceeding the 35.1 million of US arch-rival Apple, according to market researcher Strategy Analytics in April. This makes me laugh because you're comparing total Smartphone sales from Samsung which includes more than 13 different handsets ranging from prices starting at R1200. Please give me a break, Apple makes essentially 3 derivatives of the same high-end phone and they are only 10 Mill units behind. If you are going to post stats on News 24 AFP, then please do them phone for phone and like for like. Just for clarification Apple has sold over 183 million iPhones to date and Samsung S series phones (S and SII and SIII) only 58 Million.

      Taita - 2012-06-26 08:09


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