Google Street View goes inside shops

2011-11-01 14:31

San Francisco - Google's free online map service is letting shops, gyms, restaurants and other small businesses provide viewers glimpses of what lies behind facades seen on Street View.

A test programme launched in April of 2010 was bearing fruit in a growing array of panoramic images taken inside businesses that volunteered to be part of the project.

"We've been seeing renewed interest in the past few days because, as promised, we're getting more imagery online," said Google spokesperson Deanna Yick on Monday.

"The 360-degree views are really visually engaging, so we're glad users are excited," she continued.

Small businesses in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and the US have been able to invite Street View photographers into their shops or eateries to capture images then served up with Google online maps.

"With this immersive imagery, potential customers can easily imagine themselves at the business and decide if they want to visit in person," Google Maps product manager Gadi Royz said in a blog post early this year.

Google is blurring faces of bystanders in pictures to allay privacy concerns that have arisen with Street View, which lets people click spots on online maps to see recently taken images of locations.

  • Murray - 2011-11-01 14:45

    Might be going inside homes in the near future.....

  • Rudie - 2011-11-01 15:42

    Yes go check out Teazers ......

  • leeahkun - 2011-11-01 16:53

    Is this a good idea or will it result in the inadvertent advertising of a store's potential security gaps?

  • Christopher - 2011-11-01 17:26 We are looking forward to it...

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