Google+ races to 25 million

2011-08-03 12:39

San Francisco - Google Inc's new social network has attracted 25 million users, making it the fastest website to reach that audience size, according to data released on Tuesday by comScore.

Google+, launched in late June, had 25 million unique visitors as of July 24 and is growing at a rate of roughly one million visitors a day, comScore noted in a presentation.

In contrast, it took Facebook about three years to attract 25 million visitors, while Twitter took just over 30 months, according to comScore.

While the data show Google's latest attempt at breaking into social networking has started strongly, it may not mean the project is a long-term success. MySpace grew to 25 million unique visitors in less than two years - faster than Facebook or Twitter. However, it has lost a lot of visitors in the past year, comScore data shows.

The US had more than six million unique visitors, and India more than 3.6 million, the data shows,

Canada and the UK had around one million unique visitors each, Germany over 920 000 and Brazil just over 780 000. France and Taiwan each had around 500 000.

  • static - 2011-08-03 13:14

    *sigh* If its one thing I can say with confidence about social networking sites is that most of its followers are sheeple.

  • preshengovender69 - 2011-08-03 13:36

    hope the chick are easier to check on Google+ then facebook

  • MeChirping - 2011-08-04 14:38

    I properly will get flack about this but here goes…. I know it’s the way forward and that a lot can come from it and that it is up to the users how they use it etc….. but personally, I work in the computer industry, constantly on the Internet, but have visited my Facebook account less than 5 times this year… reason: My “better-half” and a family member was found flirting on it. Once again I suspect her from doing the same on a Mobile Chat service, and now yet another one. Yes... it is up to the users how to use them.

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