Holford complies with ASA order

2012-05-17 13:40

Cape Town - The Patrick Holford supplement range is to rename one of their products following a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The ASA ordered the company to change the name Smart Kids Brain Boost, saying that the name was misleading because it created the impression that the product could enhance mental performance.

In its response More to Life Health (MTLH), which produces the product, said that it would comply with the ruling and remove "intelligent fats" from the packaging.

"It is an undeniable scientific fact that supplementing vitamins increases the non-verbal IQ of children. Encouraging all children to be optimally nourished gives them the opportunity to reach their full academic potential," said nutritionist Patrick Holford.

According to the Sense About Science website, the last decade has seen an increase in medical treatments for disease.


"But the evidence for many treatment claims is unreliable and patients’ yearning for improvement is being exploited," the organisation asserts.

Often people who are desperate for cures for life-threatening illnesses are often exploited by companies touting 'miracle' cures, the organisation said.

"One person told us how the last years of his wife’s life were spent endlessly pursuing new treatments, from goats blood serums to unlicensed stem cell treatments abroad, all to no avail," said Tracey Brown, managing director of Sense About Science.

UK author of Bad Science and researcher Dr Ben Goldacre has slammed unscrupulous medical practices as damaging to patient health and the credibility of medicine.

"I think quacks are a dangerous distraction from the real work of improving medicine: cheesy entrepreneurs who promise the earth, and receive a phenomenal amount of love and money from people who want quick fixes," he wrote on his blog.

More to Life Health said that it was no their intention to mislead, but rather to advertise the importance of vitamins for children.

"It was never our intention to mislead our customers but rather a means of communicating the importance of correct nutrition for growing brains," said MTLH CEO Peter Brierley.

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  • vlarismam - 2012-05-17 15:09

    Eish, News24! ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) with a ASA (Athletics South Africa) LOGO?????

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