Huge jump in global carbon emissions

2011-11-04 10:31

Washington - New US Energy Department figures show the biggest jump ever in heat-trapping carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere in 2010.

That means levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago when they warned about the pace of man-made global warning.

The increase in emissions was spurred by big pollution surges from China and India, which are building more coal-fired power plants.

Energy Department officials say an improving world economy in 2010 also contributed. China is the world's top producer of greenhouse gases, followed by the US and India.

  • Jacob - 2011-11-04 11:34

    A German boy started a tree planting drive simply by saying - you want to breathe clean air, plant as many trees as you can. Some day soon the fresh air will be dirty. Man is the only animal who willfully destroys it own environment

  • Kobus - 2011-11-04 11:55

    its all about the money

  • Byron - 2011-11-04 12:32

    Ironic how carbon tax was supposed to have helped lowering emissions. If we are engineering another ice age would it really be that bad? At least Pretoria wouldn't be as hot as hell anymore.

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