Internet boosts self-confidence

2011-12-19 22:30

Johannesburg - About 47% of South Africa's population finds that using the internet has improved their self-confidence, according to a global survey released on Monday.

"We have seen that the internet can become addictive, some of the most engaged are those people in markets where internet access has been limited - as soon as the infrastructure becomes available people make the most of it," said TNS chief development officer Matthew Froggatt.

The survey's findings show that advances in infrastructure open up the markets for newcomers to the internet to realise the potential to expand their world and the opportunities available to them.

When asked if the internet helped to improve their self-confidence, just 12% of those online in France and Germany agreed, compared to 42% of internet users in China, 52% in India and 55% in Vietnam.

"In South Africa 47% told us the internet helped to improve their self-confidence. This peaks in Saudi Arabia where almost four out of five internet users [79%] feel more confident online," TNS said in a statement.

  • anthony.weineck - 2011-12-20 06:32

    What does this even mean? How are you defining self-confidence? I assumed at first it was referring to inter-personal or social confidence, but the article seems to imply... what? Confidence in using the Internet? Are they trying to tell us that providing people access to the internet improves those people confidence on the Internet? Because that doesn't seem newsworthy. Also, where does a science reporter get off reporting on a global survey without giving the parameters, the language of the question, or even a link to the results. This is a non-story, where are the editors?

  • anthony.weineck - 2011-12-20 06:39

    OMG, wow. No wonder they cited no references. This whole article is basically plagiarised from the press release. The research itself is actually fairly interesting, though it goes in a completely different (and hence coherent) direction from this article. See here for the original: and here for some fascinating data charts: Why am I doing the reporting SAPA?

      GoldenTeacher - 2011-12-20 07:34

      Thanks for the link Anthony.

  • malcolm - 2011-12-20 07:07

    Statistics lie. About 80% of South Africans do not have access to the internet. This makes the article B/S.

      anthony.weineck - 2011-12-20 08:20

      "Statistics lie. Allow me to present a statistic I just made up."

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