Israel - cyberspace key battlefield

2012-06-09 00:15

Jerusalem - Israel's military says it has identified cyberspace as a strategic battlefield and is prepared to go on the offensive.

The military's website reported this week that that the army has defined its "operational methods" in cyberspace.

It said the military has "relentlessly" defended its cyberspace. "Additionally, if necessary, the cyberspace will be used to execute attacks and intelligence operations," it said.

Israel is known as a world leader in electronic warfare. The article said the military is incorporating cyber warfare activity "in completing objectives at all fronts." It also talked of future "clandestine" activity.

The article was published days after experts identified a computer virus that appeared to target Iran's nuclear program. Outside experts speculated that Israel was involved in the attack - a charge it neither confirms nor denies.

  • jaba.kov - 2012-06-11 09:17

    Israel's extremely advanced technology is amazing. Despite continual conflicts over land and water, and fighting for the right to exist, Israel has overcome these challenges and stood her ground. In only sixty odd years of existence, Israel has achieved the highest number of start-up companies per capita in the world, and is second in the number of companies on the NASDAQ, only trailing the United States. The Research & development of thousands of IT companies are in Israel; from Intel to Microsoft, from the chip in Apple’s I-Phone, Blackberry or Nokia to the chip in your DSTV decoder or the bank ATM – on almost all occasions, one never comprehends the amount of Israeli hi-tech in their possession. . It’s about time they use their brain power in the self defence of their nation.

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