Israeli hackers attack Iranian sites

2012-01-26 22:35

Jerusalem - A group of Israeli hackers said on Thursday they have attacked several Iranian websites, a day after a number of Israeli websites were taken offline in the latest incident in a low-level cyber war.

In a statement posted on the, a group calling themselves the "Israel Defence Force Team" said they had hacked the Iranian sites in response to similar attacks on an Israeli newspaper and hospital website a day earlier.

"If the Arab hackers thought that the attack on the Israeli websites will pass in silence, I have to said all Arab hackers: You have a mistake," a statement in broken English said.

The group said they would take down Iran's ministry of health website, along with the website of the Iranian channel Press TV.

"Also there are other Iranian sites were hacked just for fun at the following addresses:,,," the statement said.

"Ahmadinejad what do you have to say about that??" it added, in reference to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The statement said the attacks would begin at 16:30  (14:30 GMT).

The hacked sites appeared to have their home pages blacked out, showing only a photograph of an Israeli flag and text reading "HACKED BY Israel Defence Force Team."

"We love Israel. Hi Arabs, you have been hacked by IDF Team," the text continued.

Iranians are not ethnically part of the Arab nation.

The attacks were the latest salvo in a cyber war between hackers purportedly from Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, and their counterparts in Israel.

In recent weeks, hackers have posted the details of tens of thousands of Israeli credit cards online and blocked access to Israeli websites, including that of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Israeli hackers have responded by targeting Saudi credit cards and websites in the kingdom and elsewhere.

  • Jaba - 2012-01-26 22:57

    Iran stands no chance online if this cyber war becomes popular amongst Israeli youth... Israel has the R&D departments of IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Taxes Inst and many other hitech mulitinationals... Brazil is to soccer as hacking is to Israeli youth. Iran is playing with fire.

      Dirk - 2012-01-27 06:05

      Good on them. I hope this cyber attack is soon followed by an attack by the IAF. Iran cannot under any circumstances be allowed to have Nukes. Arabs,persians- what is the difference? You get Siamese cats and house cats- they are all cats. For info on who and what the muslim arabs really are and to see their hatred, not only for the Jews and Israel, but also for the civilized world, go to Godtube- there are several.

      Barry - 2012-01-27 06:55

      IF it is true, it is clear unprovoked attack on a sovereign country by some radical Israelis with nothing better to do are "bragging" about it. Anyone who supports this barbarian act is on the wrong side of history.

      Aubrey The-Situation Zemba - 2012-01-27 14:27

      very true!

  • John - 2012-01-27 07:42

    Hahaha. I went to those Websites. Comical :D The Arab countries fear Israel way more than they fear the West. Israel don't take sheet from nobody. They day Iran attacks Israel will be the day the day Iran gets wiped from this planet. I Sir John Halfpenny fully rallies my support behind Israel Kadima!

  • Frik - 2012-01-27 08:27

    Well done Israel .....

      Paco - 2012-01-27 10:29

      Frik die druk

      Johann K??hne - 2012-01-27 11:19

      I "haaaack" you!

  • timelord - 2012-01-27 09:31

    you mess with the best , you die like the rest !!! go israel

  • Marco - 2012-01-27 11:05

    "purportedly from Arab nations" So they assumed the attacks came from Arab nations. You know what they say about assumptions?

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-27 12:20

    Seems a bit silly to declare the hacks an act of the Israeli military as it then constitutes an act of war, however as Israel has spent years trying to get the US to attack Iran, it may be what they really want, Iran to escalate the battlefield, giving Israel a valid excuse to run to the US for military intervention. Wouldn't surprise me as Israel has a 70 year history of violating human rights in the name of its own survival.

      lasherza - 2012-01-27 13:55

      ludlowdj u talk nonsense . Israel does not need assistance from the US in defending its borders as was proven in the 6 day war! and others . They certainly have have gained from attaining US military hardware but the troops all come from Israel and in its present capacity NO Arab nation has the capability of defeating Israel ...Oh and btw Israel as a sovereign nation is only 62 years old not 70.

      Barry - 2012-01-27 19:52

      Hardly sovereign..wait and see.

      Adam - 2012-01-29 20:28

      lol @barry. the barry clock is till clicking, these changes are taking a while hey barry? ive told... just like your grand daddy and your daddy thought israel wouldn't last very long, you're making the same stupid mistake. i dont know who you think the israelis are, but they pretty bad ass, especially when provoked by terrorist scum. so yes we are still waiting to see these changes. retard

  • Jerzy - 2012-01-29 12:15

    Whats the difference between zionists and apartheid era apologists? There is no difference at all, they are both racists and cannot tolerate the fact that they are no longer in charge. Im so glad I live in a country where MY people feel the same way I do about the Israelis oppression of the Palestinian people. Even the great Madiba said we will never have peace until the Palestinians are free. Bye the way, check out the way jews abuse christians on youtube, there are way too many to count. At least they dont just discriminate against muslims.

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