Japan quake moved sea bed

2011-04-06 20:10

Tokyo - The seabed near the epicentre of the massive earthquake that rocked Japan in March was shifted 24m by the tremor, the country's coastguard said on Wednesday.

Sensors found that one part of the ocean floor had been stretched to a point 24m east-southeast of its position before the 9.0 undersea quake, which triggered a massive tsunami that engulfed large areas of Japan's northeast coast.

The undersea movement is more than four times bigger than any observed on land, where part of the Oshika peninsula in Miyagi prefecture was found to have shifted 5.3m.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) said in March that the force of the quake moved Honshu - Japan's main island - by 2.4m.

  • Jack Turner - 2011-04-06 20:50

    When one reads comments like this ..Does it not make you wonder.... The word's Omnipotent...Omnicient..and Omnipresent...has so much meaning...I can see into the future...I can view the past....I can see the present......

  • william.botha - 2011-04-06 21:07

    The real culprit for the excessive rise in CO2 levels, sub ocean seismic activity releases massive amounts of sequestered CO2 on the ocean bed.

      thabiso.marumo - 2011-04-07 07:50

      Gary natural disasters have been happening on earth ever since the earth was created, maybe to you and your scriptures this is something new but the earth has been changing formation for millions of years and will continue to do so long after our existence.

      trevb - 2011-04-07 10:06

      please post your proof. you are almost right nature is to blame . in fact if it wasn"t for volcanic actions our atmosphere wouldn't be what it is. but on top of that what man has spilled into the atmosphere is knocking that effect out of kilter and causing global warming

      thabiso.marumo - 2011-04-07 12:03

      trevb, it's not about blaming nature it's about what has been happening in nature for years, to act as if humans are not part of nature is arrogant, our activities also contributes to what happens in nature as we are also a part of it, same as dinosaurs and other animals to ever exist we are all part of nature, if we become extinct it will simply be nature taking it's cause, yes we are causing global warming in nature and the effect will be catastrophic but that doesn't mean nature will cease to exist, unless we blow up the whole planet, earth will continue to renew itself after our existence, life forms on earth will continue and we will be nothing but a distant memory, the earth does not rely on human existence.

      william.botha - 2011-04-07 18:04

      trevb, you say post the proof, you obviously don't read any science magazines. There is areas in the ocean where CO2 bubbles to the surface quite visibly. Not just C02, also methane. Do you have any Idea how much C02 is at levels deeper than 100m? Do you know anything about science?

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