Knut monument unveiled

2012-10-24 18:44

Berlin - Fans of the late polar bear Knut packed the area around the Berlin Zoo enclosure where he died unexpectedly last year at the age of 4 for the dedication of a new monument to him.

Zoo director Bernhard Blaszkiewitz said on Wednesday he hopes the bronze statue called "Knut the dreamer" will attract a lot of children like other such monuments to animals in the park.

Knut fan Jutta Geissler says the artist did a great job capturing the polar bear's personality and that "all the emotions for Knut are back again".

Knut was hand-raised after his mother rejected him. He rose to stardom in 2007 as a cuddly cub, appearing on magazine covers, in a film and on mountains of merchandise. He died in 2011 after suffering from encephalitis.

  • david.g.fosse - 2012-10-24 19:27

    The bronze statue doesnt even look like a polar bear,more like a wanna be suicide.Who wouldnt being caged in Berlin of all places.

  • david.g.fosse - 2012-10-24 19:35

    Hopefully his Knuts were immortilized.

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