Kruger anthrax outbreak contained

2012-08-29 14:31

Johannesburg - An outbreak of anthrax that killed 30 roan antelope in the Kruger National Park has been contained, park spokesperson William Mabasa said on Wednesday.

"There have been no changes to the situation in the park," he said.

"Our people are on the ground to contain the situation and it hasn't spread to any other areas."

Mabasa said that it would be impossible to vaccinate all the animals in the park.

"We are only vaccinating the roan antelopes because they are a rare species and we must protect them."

On Tuesday, Mabasa said the carcasses were found at the weekend in an enclosure created for breeding.

"We are burning the carcasses and also vaccinating the other animals," he said.

The park had about 100 roan antelope before the outbreak.

  • herman.burger.5 - 2012-08-29 20:41

    I need to understand why/how SANPARKS managed to allow 30 very rare Roan Antelope to die of anthrax. It is well known that this disease flares up during the driest part of the year i. e. now. It is equally well known that Roan Antelope are particularly susceptible to this disease. This is exactly why the National Parks Board as it was known then embarked on regular inoculation campaigns. The animals were free roaming and was tracked down with great difficulty. Surely it could not have been too much trouble to inoculate 100 animals kept in a breeding program? Surely SANPARKS were aware of the need to inoculate Roan Antelope against anthrax? If so, WHY WAS IT NOT DONE????!!!!

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