LG puts hopes on 'next gen' 3D TV

2011-02-16 16:46

Seoul - LG Electronics says competition is heating up in the global battle to woo viewers to 3D TVs. And the South Korean company thinks it has an edge.

Seoul-based LG Electronics showed off its Cinema 3D TV on Wednesday. The company hailed it as the "next generation" in the sector as it went on sale in the domestic market. A global release is set to start next month.

LG's new TV utilises lighter glasses like those worn at 3D movie theatres to match up images optimized for each eye to result in a smoother picture. For people who wear eyeglasses, there is a clip-on version.

LG executive Havis Kwon said that there will be "fierce competition" in the 3D TV market.

  • dracolusus - 2011-02-16 17:38

    How do we constantly get shafted for electronics?!?! read this one, the largest 3D TV from LG, is R250000 in SA and about R70k overseas...just pathetic

  • Manoj - 2011-02-17 16:06

    We are South we must suffer at the hands of our greedy business people..

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