Mapmaker willing to help fix iPhone issues

2012-09-21 22:08

Amsterdam - TomTom, the Dutch navigation equipment and digital mapmaker, is more than willing to help Apple fix the problems it is experiencing in its map feature on the latest iPhone, a TomTom spokesperson said on Friday.

Apple launched the iPhone 5 on Wednesday, but the launch was marred by users soon taking to social media and blogs to complain about geographical errors and missing information on the maps feature, which is based on TomTom's map data.

TomTom licenses its map data to Apple, but it said that each manufacturer applies TomTom's map data and other content to create their own unique application.

"We stand by the quality of our maps," Caroline Fisher, vice-president of TomTom's consumer business unit, said.

Fisher added that TomTom does not have an in-house team at Apple but that it is more than willing to help Apple to solve the current mapping problems.

Fisher declined to comment on whether Apple had asked the Dutch mapmaker for help.

  • Tshepo Gwamanda - 2012-09-22 06:02

    That's why I will get a samsung galaxy s3 ANY time!! much better than this Apple nonsense!! This apple is rotting from the inside!! Other than the fact that the new iPhone has longer screen and slightly thinner there's no REAL difference between this iPhone and the old one!! seriously lacking creativity now!!!

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