Mass herring deaths puzzle Norway

2012-01-03 09:13

Oslo - Several tons of dead herring that carpeted a beach in northern Norway have puzzled researchers and local residents, media reported on Monday.

Local resident Jan-Petter Jorgensen, who inspected the beach at Kvaenes in Nordreisa with his dog at the weekend, estimated there were several tons of fish.

Jorgensen hoped the dead fish would soon be cleared away, fearing that they could start to rot.

Possible causes for the mass death included the suggestion that the school of herring had been trapped by tidal waters after predatory fish - such as coalfish - chased them towards the shoreline.

Another theory was that the fish had been washed ashore during a recent storm, or trapped in shallow waters and affected by freshwater from a river that flows into the bay.

Jens Christian Holst of the Institute of Marine Research said several factors could have come together, but hoped they would be able to conduct tests on dead fish to see if they had died of a disease.

  • MyTruth - 2012-01-03 10:21

    Sounds like a bit of a red herring to me. With all the pollution we are pumping into the oceans, surely we must expect these events to happen?

  • Juan - 2012-01-03 10:25

    There was a similiar situation in Hout Bay a while ago when tons of pilchards washed ashore for no clear reason. People were collecting them by the bakkie loads for days on end.

  • Anton - 2012-01-03 11:27

    The herring all died of shock because they found out that in norway the maximum prison sentence Anders Breivik can get for killing 69 children is 21 years.... Thats why all the fish died!

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