McDonald's counting calories

2011-09-04 19:49

London - More than 1 000 McDonald's restaurants in Britain have begun displaying the calorie count of each fast food item on their menus, as part of a government-led programme to fight obesity.

McDonald's says the calorie counts will be displayed on wall-mounted menu boards in all of its 1 200 UK restaurants from Sunday.

The chain is one of several food companies partnering with the department of health to encourage customers to adopt a healthier diet.

It has also promised to remove artificial trans-fats from its products, although it did not sign up to a salt reduction pledge.

McDonald's is already displaying calorie menu boards in New York City.

Other chains that have signed up to the British calorie display programme include KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks.

  • Melanie Walsh - 2011-09-05 12:04

    I don't think displaying calories will make a difference to a person choosing to eat Mac Donalds. Yes they might know now how much junk they are putting in, but that won't stop them from doing it. Becoming obese is a choice and then it turns into an addiction which needs a lot of help to stop, but you can't stop it without the persons willingness to stop eating as well.

      Richard Townley-Johnson - 2011-09-05 18:08

      Incredibly naive to assume that everyone that eats take-out are obese... Hopefully though this will inform people before they become obese (at the extreme end of the spectrum). I'm sure there are many other non-obese people that would benefit from these 'warnings'. Better would of course be to not serve such rubbish but that's not going to happen.

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