Men, women more different than thought

2012-01-05 14:01

Washington - Mars and Venus are much further apart than previously thought - and we're not talking about planets.

In research published on Wednesday, three European psychologists, using a new model for analysing personality differences between men and women, claimed the gap between the genders has been sorely underestimated in previous studies.

"The idea that there are only minor differences between the personality profiles of males and females should be rejected as based on inadequate methodology," they wrote in the online journal PLoS ONE.

Led by Marco Del Giudice of Italy's University of Turin, the researchers took a 1993 survey of 10 000 men and women in the United States and re-crunched the numbers.

That survey, famous among psychologists as the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, quizzed its participants on such traits as warmth, dominance, sensitivity, vigilance, self-reliance, perfectionism and tension.

Comparing the overall profiles of men and women, and taking multiple traits into account, they discovered very large differences between the sexes - differences which had seemed to be smaller when each trait was looked at individually, without correction for measurement error.

"These are extremely large differences by psychological standards," wrote Del Giudice and colleagues Tom Booth and Paul Irwing of the University of Manchester in England.

By way of conclusion, they called for further research in order to build "a solid foundation for the scientific study of psychological sex differences and their biological and cultural origins."

  • jacques.buckle - 2012-01-05 14:20

    i figured that out long time ago

      Sheda - 2012-01-05 16:09

      That is way men do not want to do traditional womans work. However we have a MAJOR problem in our soiety because woman want to do men's work. They do not understand that equal but different is still equal. Feminists want to be equal and the same......SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • xavier.desterbecq - 2012-01-05 14:28

    Don't need no survey to point out the obvious.................LOL

  • Mr C - 2012-01-05 15:23

    one word - DUH!!

  • Thabo - 2012-01-05 15:55

    I knew all along! I have been having it ! Thanks to my wife though!

  • MoAfrika - 2012-01-05 16:07

    10000 men and 10000 woman or 5000 men and 5000 woman??? either way the figures don't make 1% of the world, even worse, taken from just one continent, I'm not happy about the research, I think this can be done much better...

  • Hennie - 2012-01-05 16:33

    Amazing that it took scientists, on a government grant no doubt, wasting tax payers money to finally say what everyone else already knows. Doomed, I tell you. Humanity is doomed. We spend so much resources on nonsense that we are living ourselves into oblivion. Sigh....

      Andries - 2012-01-07 19:15

      Women must be kept barefoot in winter and pregnant in the summer. There are only two places for her to be - if she is not in the kitchen she must be by the cot. Anywhere else and she causes hassles. The West went on a slide downhill the day they got voting rights...

  • Obie - 2012-01-05 23:28

    Probably one of the worst articles with no substance to back.

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