More Cape rhino killed

2012-09-26 19:49

Johannesburg - Four rhino were killed for their horns at the Lalibela game reserve in the Eastern Cape on Wednesday, the private reserve said.

Marketing director Vernon Wait said a 28-year-old cow, an 8-year-old pregnant cow, another 8-year-old bull and a 3-year-old male were killed and had their horns removed.

Wait said the rhino were probably poisoned before their horns were removed.

He said the method used by the poachers was "very professional".

"Unlike usual incidents of poaching where the horns are hacked off with pangas or axes, in this case, the horns were "clinically" cut off... very professional."

The game reserve's Facebook page reported that there were no visible bullet wounds on any of the rhino and it was likely that they were poisoned.

The Democratic Alliance in the province condemned the killings.

"The DA condemns the massacre of four rhino at the Lalibela Game Reserve and insists that MEC Mcebisi Jonas takes it as a warning of things to come," said DA spokesperson John Cupido.

He said only rhino from privately owned game reserves had been poached this year in the province.

Green Scorpions

"So far none of the rhino lost to poaching in the Eastern Cape this year have been on state reserves, but this lucky streak will not last," he said.

Cupido said if the Green Scorpions were not improved, there would be astronomical losses in game reserves, as poachers would start targeting state owned reserves too.

"The Green Scorpions are staffed with dedicated rangers, but is severely under-equipped... an immediate concern is the unit's lack of vehicles," said Cupido.

He said the DA would submit parliamentary questions to the MEC to find out how under-equipped the Green Scorpions were and how the MEC planned to increase security on game reserves.

The office of the MEC was not immediately available for comment.

Two weeks ago, the department of environmental affairs said 381 rhino had been killed in 2012 alone.

It said the provinces which were hardest hit by rhino poaching included Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and the North West.

Police were investigating the poaching incident at the Lalibela game reserve.

  • ddeswardt1 - 2012-09-26 20:26

    whilst the issue of rhino poaching sickens me to the core i find it highly unlikely that there has ever been a case of a PREGNANT BULL! let alone one that has been recorded as being poached.

      joe.peters.56 - 2012-09-26 20:57

      lmao @pregnant bull. Typical affirmative action error.

      bakker.marc - 2012-09-26 21:27


      bakker.marc - 2012-09-26 21:27

      bakker.marc - 2012-09-26 21:27

      ed.gutsche - 2012-09-27 09:04

      I am ashamed to be human. no way that any 'god' created us as humans are the parasitic spawn of satan that are here to destroy the planet. every breath that we take, every move that we make, takes us one step closer to killing the organism that we live off of...

  • smith.cyber - 2012-09-26 20:35

    Nee wat! As long as criminals "still have their rights" in SA, this won't stop, because we are not allowed to touch the poachers as it is cruel to harm other human beings... but somehow I can't understand how it is not cruel to poach rhino for ivory!!!

      christo.stone - 2012-09-26 20:45

      I say fukc that...shoot the fukcs in the face. They don't deserve any better.

      gungets.tuft - 2012-09-26 23:14

      Ivory - from Rhino?? If it was ivory you might (just a tiny bit) be able to understand. These animals are killed for hair. Basically hard clumps of hair. Astonishing. And no, even ivory I would not understand.

  • charmaine.mcdonald2 - 2012-09-26 20:42

    Criminals have more rights in S.A. that the believers. These animals cannot speak, but we humans can, so one can imagine the pain they went through. God Have mercy. Sometimes I am ashamed to be a Human Being,

      delish7564 - 2012-09-26 23:34

      With you on that Charmaine. I don't use the word often, but I really do "hate" the people who did this and I hope, at some point in their lives, they get what they deserve for inflicting this barbaric act on these creatures :(

  • Jaco.Botha7 - 2012-09-26 20:43

    "Eight year old pregnant Bull" - does the writer know anything about Biology ??

      joe.peters.56 - 2012-09-26 20:58

      lmao @pregnant bull. Typical affirmative action error.

      Abram Mashego - 2012-09-26 21:40

      Eish how on earth can a bull be pregnant?

  • hannah.p.mostert - 2012-09-26 22:07

    I know I was like "a bull?" Is this something that I haven't heard of regarding Rhino? Ha ha it had me baffled for a bit there!

  • dean.polley.3 - 2012-09-27 00:08

    Want to know the real reason for the rhino poaching in South Africa?

      hengu.willemse - 2012-09-27 04:21

      how very enlightening thx for sharing.

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