New birth control urged for women

2011-05-13 11:30

Cape Town - New contraceptive methods are needed for developing world women, including one in four in sub-Saharan Africa, whose needs for modern birth control are not being met, a study has found.

A 52-page report by the New York-based Guttmacher Institute urged new methods to reach 148 million women in three regions where there are 49 million unintended pregnancies every year resulting in 21 million abortions.

"Sub-Saharan Africa, south central Asia and southeast Asia are home to 69% of women in the developing world who have an unmet need for a modern method," said the study.

"Seven in 10 women with unmet need in the three regions cite reasons for non-use that could be rectified with appropriate methods."

The women wanted to avoid falling pregnant but did not use modern protection due to health fears, infrequent sex habits, recent births or breastfeeding and opposition from partners or others.

Infrequent sex

New methods that had less non-contraceptive effects and were easier to use by being compatible with infrequent sex and without the knowledge of a partner could have a large impact, said the report released on Wednesday.

The other nearly 30% did not use birth control as they were either opposed to contraception, unaware of options, had problems with access or believed they were not fertile.

"The findings make clear that meeting the need for contraception requires not only increased access and counselling, but the development of new methods that better meet women’s needs," said co-author Jacqueline Darroch.

Apart from long-term new developments, current options could be adapted to be made more widely acceptable and easier to use, the institute said, urging more investment.

In total, the needs of 215 million or 26% of reproductive-age women across the developing world who wanted to avoid pregnancy either did not use modern contraceptives or relied on traditional options.

This rose to 38% in the three areas and 39% of women who did not want to be pregnant in sub-Saharan Africa.

In total, one in four of the latter's total of 195 million women had an unmet need for modern birth control.

  • TheNwsReader - 2011-05-13 13:04

    The problem now is that women will only use sex for enjoyment. Sex comes with responsibility and moral values and contraseptives eliminates this God given responsibility. This could only have a negative outcome.

      Umfubi - 2011-05-13 13:54

      Yes, naughty women. They should really be more like men, who only 'use' sex for responsible and moral and well-thought-out reasons. What in the world is going on inside your head? This is the most ridiculous post I have ever seen, and that's saying something on here....

      KayZee - 2011-05-13 13:57

      Your comment is shockingly ignorant. According to you, contraception can only lead to a "negative outcome". These "negative outcomes" include the following: Lower population growth, fewer unwanted pregnancies (which means less abandoned/mistreated babies), less mouths to feed per family, which means more mothers will be able to send their children to school and university. All of this will lead to a more educated youth, who are better equipped to take care of themselves and their families and to make a contribution to society and to the economy. It has been proven that putting women in control of their reproductive cycles is the most powerful tool against poverty. And what the hell is wrong with having sex for enjoyment? Men can enjoy sex without worrying about becoming pregnant. Today's women are extremely lucky to have access to reliable birth control, which means we can finally experience the worry-free sex which men have taken for granted for centuries. Denying women the same experience is blatantly sexist.

      Audacious - 2011-05-13 15:49

      Silly argument. Now well thought out at all. Also a bit hypocritical and biggotted "There is nothing more dangerous than the conscience of a bigot" [George Bernard Shaw]

  • Caz - 2011-05-13 14:08

    Now with all the rape going on they will need it all the more!!! MEN!!

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