New body for renewable energy sector

2011-12-15 14:57

Johannesburg - An umbrella body is to be launched to act as a voice for the renewable energy industry in South Africa.

"Creating a united voice for renewable energy custodians is imperative... in the development of the industry," said Pancho Ndebele, chairperson of the SA Solar Thermal Industry Association (Sastela) on Thursday.

The body, provisionally called the SA Renewable Energy Council, will be launched by four industry-related associations.

Other organisations helping to establish the council include the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (Sessa), the SA PhotoVoltaic Industry Association (Sapvia) and the SA Wind Energy Association (Sawea).

The announcement comes in the wake of the Green Economy Accord recently concluded through a series of engagements with government, businesses, civil society and community members.

The accord envisages aggressively addressing climate change concerns and the need to grow the economy by simultaneously stimulating the green economy and creating "green jobs".

"Both the private sector and non-government organisations have for many years been promoting renewable energy in an uncertain regulatory environment," said Ndebele.

"These efforts were never fully co-ordinated and it took time to get to where we are today, on the verge of exponential growth in the broader renewable energy industry."

Sessa secretary Jason Schaffler said it would concentrate on the installation of solar water heaters, aiming to roll out one million units by 2014.

Sapvia chairperson Chris Haw said government's approach to climate change and unemployment should be commended.

"Through the... council we have the opportunity to share ideas with like-minded people. We could engage government swiftly and in a unified, co-ordinated fashion."

  • ludlowdj - 2011-12-15 15:25

    The biggest mistake the man on the street is making here is allowing the state to control this initiative. but the common man has become little more than puppet dancing and jiggling to others voices. The only long term and viable solution is for each household to install its own energy producing measure and to get off the national grid. I have heard hundreds of uninformed statement about what happen when there's no sun etc all of which have no basis in reality. The biggest threat to the man on the ground is allowing others to control his own needs. Any official ventures will most certainly be based on the profit potential and most certainly not on the best interests of the citizen. Within the next year people will hopefully have the realization that government is not their friend and that those in power have little regard for anything other than personal gain and keeping the sheeple complacent.

      Wollie - 2011-12-15 17:50

      Already done my friend. By end Jan 2012 I will only need Eskom power on EXTREMLY rare occasions. Between my photvoltaic panels and a wind turbine, I am pretty much coverd.

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